Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 3 - French Fry Experiment

No mold yet.
Today after breakfast we started off with reading about the Vikings taking over Britain. We then read about the moon and went off to research the article we read on NASA finding ice / water in one of the craters (they think about 40 gallons).

Then we watched the last Community and talked about the show, there were a few things we ended up covering about social norms and how people react to challenges to their beliefs.

We read the Hobbit, the Ranger, we planned for next week and updated his checking account. We continued to quiz fractions - percent equivalents and spelling.

Spence then watched Medieval Times - Knights and we had a good chuckle watching the show and seeing how they think knights really lived. Spence did his silent reading, had lunch, practiced his printing and drums and then took a little break before helping clean the house before we headed out the door for swim lessons.

We finished swim lessons and headed home - we're trying to decide between scrounge night and out for dinner.

Today, when I went out to pick up our mail - I found a note that said "We voted for charcoal NOT black" (not signed of course) - I found this on my door (stuck with duct tape) on my garage door (stuck with duct tape) and in my mailbox (I guess just in case I missed the other two). My neighbour (the president of the board - had one stuck to his door too). There was also one stuck to the lamp post in front of our unit. I resigned a while back and due to the fact the board was ignoring the owners colour choices - the board decided not to tell anyone. Today I insisted they let people know that I did resign and in fact I resigned before the colour choices were finalized. It'll be interesting to see what happens at the next AGM or will people have settled down by then. The trim is really black - but the painter said the lady on the board who is responsible to communicate wanted an even blacker black.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 2 - French Fry Experiment

So day two (Thursday October 21, 2010) and no change in any of the fries.
Yipee - dishwasher fixed!

Took the guy 5 minutes to fix it. Something got through the filter and jammed just inside the drain.
After breakfast, it was time for Engineering an Empire - Russia and then DaVinci. Spence decided that we should skip the Hobbit & Ranger in favor of the history shows and I was ok with that. He then went to silent reading and we did some math quiz questions - he's still trying to work on his equivalents for % to fraction. There are multiple chapters in his math book dealing with it and he's tired of using the calculator, so we're working on memorizing them. Then he did his spelling and we had lunch.

After lunch it was time for Italian - today was a writing exercise and it was a tough one, when he was done that, it was time for drum practice. He was planning on 30 minutes but after 10 minutes of frustration I told him he could stop - he was really off today - missing beats, not drumming at the right time - so we decided it would be a good time to call it a day.

Now it's chill time until the dishwasher repair guy comes - I'm hoping well before we have to leave for the 50th anniversary party at James' firm.

We're ordering pizza for Spence and James and I will try and grab something before we go so we don't have to worry about food at the party.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 1 - French Fry Experiment

Fries being dehydrated in the little convection oven - again October 20th
The fridge fries - same thing
The counter fry set - again date is squared in blue - October 20th, 2010
the set of fries in the mason jars (note the date on the calendar that Spence is pointing to - Oct 20)
on the plate - McDonald's fries, bottom are the homemade fries and top right are the processed McCain's fries

Fries being fried in oil

Day 1 - French Fry Experiment

So Spence watched a youtube video with the guy from Supersize me and saw that after 9 weeks the McDonald's fries were mold free and looked the same as the day the guy bought them. We also read an article on a lady in the UK that did something similar - six months.

So, of course, being inquisitive ..... we hopped over to McDonald's to buy a small fries. We also stopped at the Coop to buy shoestring fries from McCain's and we also made shoestring fries from a potato.

To make the experiment as similar as possible - all three types of fries are being used (2 per environment) and we fried the processed and home made fries in a pan filled with oil (double fry for the home made ones to = the double fry the processed and McDonald's ones got) and heavily salted the processed and homemade ones in case the salt had anything to do with the longevity of the McDonald's fries.

As we cannot evidence without a doubt that we did indeed do this experiment and the results are as we say and as we're really doing this for fun - there is nothing we can do if you doubt our results - except - do it yourself :) Have fun if you decide to try this as well.

Day 1 - Wednesday October 20, 2010 @ 5pm
We took the three types of fries and after making sure we had them as similar as possible we did the following:
1 set of fries (2 of each type) went into sealed mason jars and they will sit on the counter in our kitchen
1 set of fries will sit out on the counter in our kitchen on their own
1 set of fries was put in ziploc bags in the fridge
1 set of fries was dehydrated (180 in the oven for 1 hour - they are as hard as a rock) and they will be out on our counter

Our expectation is that we should see mold spores on the homemade ones first, the processed ones second and the McDonald's ones - maybe - sometime? Yes, we also checked with Snopes and couldn't find any urban legends associated with this myth.

We're attaching pictures of the experiment as part of our log
Cattle penning was awesome! the guys doing the cattle penning seemed to be having a good time, even though the cows kept outsmarting them. Once in the pen though the cows didn't seem to have a clue as to how to get out, even when the door opened.

Camo Jacket

End of layer 1. It took him about an hour (with a bit of help from me) to get this part of the jacket covered with fabric paint. We'll be doing another 3 coats in different shapes and we still have the front of the jacket to do - we should be ready for halloween.
his homemade potato stamp
Spence using both potato stamps we made and his fingers to cover his grey hoodie
Today Spence started off with the Hobbit, then the Ranger and then we watched the 2nd half of Anne of Avonlea - we were trying to match up the characters to the book, still having a hard time doing that since it really wasn't the same story.

We did spelling, math, started painting Spencer's jacket for halloween (we're turning it into a camo jacket to match his camo pants - which are blue, black & gray). Then he did his silent reading, did some printing practice and did his drum practice.

We were done by 3pm and we'll take a break now until 4. At 4 we plan to head to the mall to drop off the game he rented with grampa and check out the halloween store for an army helmet and we plan to head to McDonald's to get some fries for a science experiment tomorrow.

Spence saw on youtube a video that shows the fries never going bad - so of course - we have to try this at home. We're going to try it under a few different conditions and we'll compare against fries from the freezer (still processed) and home made fries - I'll bake up a few in the morning so they are fresh. He'll log the results and we'll post them on the blog....not sure I'll ever eat fries again after this :)

We've got supper organized (spaghetti & sauce) for tonight already, so that when James gets home, we can eat and then head out the door to the cattle penning thing we're heading out to tonight.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

After breakfast, we read the Ranger, the Hobbit, and found a hoodie we planned to paint with camo. In the meantime, the painters for the exterior came by and asked me to move the truck so they could paint our front area today.

We continued with spelling, Medieval Times with Terry Jones - Damsels today, then we had lunch and finished up with math and printing practice.

Spence is taking a break and we're planning to head out for drum lessons shortly, then to Michaels for camo paint and a few other chores.

The store called about my dress and said they thought they could 'fix' it. I don't know how you fix something you've cut and not hemmed - without it looking like you screwed up and then sewed it back on. I asked for a credit - was told they would have to think about it. I'm not impressed. Blu's has not responded with the kind of customer service I had expected for what they charge. It'll be interesting to see if they actually come through and provide me with a credit or if they plan on telling me too bad, so sad, we screwed up your dress.

Tonight the boys go out with grampa for dinner and I go out with my g/f to Ethiopian.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Spence got up with a little help this morning (me telling him it was time to get up) and we started with the Hobbit, then the Ranger series and he then decided being curled up on the couch was the best way to spend the day. Said he was feeling like he needed couch time (turns out he grew again last night and is now a good half head taller than me, without my shoes).

We decided he could continue with easy stuff for a bit and so we watched Medieval Times off Netflix - great history series. The host is an ex-Monty Python guy and he makes it pretty funny. Spence had so much fun watching one we continued with a second, which he did his writing on today.

We then did our science experiments - see the egg stuff in the prior post and a sun on the earth rotating through the seasons experiment. The egg one was fun.

We started off with five eggs spaced apart to hold the weight. Then we put a piece of paper to soak up the egg guts when they came out. Spence started layering on the books and it took a while, but one egg cracked - but the other four held. He put more books on and another egg cracked on the same side and now the books were tilting. He added even more books and finally the other three cracked. The books weighed between 10 - 12 lbs - which is pretty good considering the eggs were on their side (we couldn't get them to stand up straight - where they would have the smallest exposure to the weight). We might try again if we can find a way to hold the eggs in a particular position.

After we finished with that, we continued with silent reading, spelling, math and writing (see prior post about the Normans). Spence took a break while the electrical inspector was looking at the work our electrician did (we passed - happy, happy). Spence finished off with drums and then tidied up his room and had a late lunch.

We plan to head out to Jacob's place in a little bit for a play and then home to chill for the rest of the night. James plans to head out to an event sponsored by Harry Rosen and so we'll see him after that for a late supper.

Eggs Science Experiment

Final product - scrambled eggs :)
It took about 10 - 12 lbs of books to crack the eggs

A fresh start - 5 eggs equally dispersed to hold the weight of the books

eggs cracking under pressure

Trial by Battle

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yesterday we went truck shopping for James - he's pretty serious about having a winter ready vehicle for this winter. He found three he liked all at about the same price - so we'll see what we can do with the sales guy on Monday.

We got home, made some BBQ ribs & chicken as well as mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuits for supper and Graham came over around 4:30. The guys ate and then took off for their movie (one more night of ski films) and Spence and I chilled at home watching TV.

Today we chilled and I made some lasagna for supper, french bread to go with it, some crackers for snacking on and a pecan square for the next few weeks (froze them as soon as they cooled - before I could get tempted to eat them). Found out the dishwasher broke - it won't drain and so I'm going to call the repair place tomorrow to see what we can do to fix it as it is still under warranty.