Friday, October 15, 2010

Spence got up and decided to start off with planning his next week and updating his checking account. We continued with the Hobbit, the Ranger and our math quiz for the week and our spelling. Spence took a break while I got tomorrow's mashed potatoes done up and then we continued with Viking history and Astronomy for science. We looked at the gravity and inertia and meteors and we researched a meteor that was supposed to be coming close to earth in 2012 - well close is relative - it's 16.6 million miles from here at it's closest point (Jan 31, 2012) and is approximately 5 meters across.

Then he took time to write up his article on the P5 glove and I posted it. We took time out to cook lunch then (spaghetti and sauce) and then it was time to do his silent reading and drum practice.

he chatted with his buddies while cleaning up his room, doing laundry and getting ready for swim class and his sleep over at Grampa's place tonight and now we're just getting ready to head out the door for swimming.

When we get back, Spence will head off with Grampa for dinner and a sleep over. James will be out with some friends for a ski movie night and I'm going to go do a climbing class and then pick up some alterations way down south.

P5 Glove Review by Spencer Dahl

Thursday, October 14, 2010

We started with the Hobbit and Ranger and then moved onto silent reading, printing, drum practice, math, spelling and German.

I had to take off for lunch with a client while Spence was finishing his German and I got back a bit late (due to service issues). Spence was ready to head out to the skatepark and we hurried over to Cochrane and met up with Jacob and Joanne.

We stayed for a half hour and then had to head home to walk the dog and finish making supper (spaghetti and sauce) and Spence had to shower before James got home and they head off to the hockey game.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spence got up and we started with a history show on Netflix - about Babylon. It was not a professional looking as the PBS stuff, but very informative. We had lunch and did math (more on %, fractions & decimals) and spelling. We stopped and watched Anne of Avonlea to see how it matched the book we finished recently and discovered it was very very off the book - it wasn't at all like the book.

Then he did his writing, reading and we read the Ranger and the Hobbit and he finished off with the drums.

We made oreo cookie wafers today (tomorrow the filling) and since school was all day today we pretty much finished up around 4pm. We had planned to go to the longboard lesson tonight, but the weather wasn't great and Spence wanted a rest day - so we skipped it.

Tonight we're chillin

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Great Olly


1st Rolling Olly


Bowl @ Cochrane


Playtime @ Cochrane Skatepark

Today we started with the Hobbit and continued with the Ranger. We then continued with spelling, reading, writing and math (% to decimals again).

We had arranged to go skateboarding with Joanne & Jacob and met up with them around noon. We stayed for two hours and then had to leave for drum lessons.

We got back for drum lessons and then came home to finish making supper - tonight was Pupusa, tortillas and filler.

Monday, October 11, 2010

James went to work and Spence and I watched movies, tidied up and I cleaned out the garage in preparation for the ski season.

We went bouldering and then Spence and I stopped at Wallymart on the way home. Spence found the bathrobe he wanted (it's the exact same one he has right now, but goes past the top of this thighs) and he found a blue camo set of sweat pants - now we only have to find a top.

We got home, chilled some more, James and I hung up some bikes on the wall and checked to make sure the truck still fit. It did.

Then it was time to grill the hot dogs, bake the fries and watch some TV.

Tomorrow back to our regular schedule - gotta get some more skateboarding in before the snow flies (it's supposed to snow by next Tuesday - so gotta get out while we can).

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yesterday and today we chilled. We went to the skatepark, we sat around the house and we went out to Salt & Pepper for lunch.

Last night we had ribs, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas & corn (separate of course, so James didn't have to eat the peas) and biscuits.

Tonight, Spence made supper - his Hot Salsa Salad, which is really good. The boys had grilled chicken with theirs and I had left over pizza with mine.

Tomorrow - James heads back to work (quiet office during the holiday) and we're watching movies and hunting for halloween costumes.