Friday, October 08, 2010

Today was a pretty busy day. Got Spence up early again, as I had to head back down to South Centre to get my pants measured for hemming and the dress measured as well.

We started off with the Hobbit & Ranger series and moved onto math quiz, spelling quiz, he planned out his next week, did his silent reading, writing and then watched 'effin science and future weapons. The guys at 'effin science - took rockets and put them on a shopping cart with lawn mower wheels and took it out for a ride .... it worked too. Lots of fun stuff on the future weapons show as well.

He finished off with drum practice and was in the zone for that - he made no mistakes today and was having a pretty good time with the music. He had started his laundry by the time I got back and was getting organized for swim lessons.

We quickly cleaned the house, got lunch on the go and researched his halloween costume and then headed out for swim lessons.

We had decided to meet up with Jonathan and his dad at Cross Irons to try out a new laser tag place after swimming and the boys (including dad) ran around for an hour sniping each other and having a good time. I on the other hand wandered the mall in search of a pair of black pumps to wear to James' office party.

The boys had some fries and pop after the game and then took a look at the nerf guns at Toys R Us and then we headed home.

We didn't arrive until nearly 6pm - long day - but we had such a good time and got lots done.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Got Spence up a bit early as James was doing recruiting at U of C today and I was taking him there so he wouldn't have to park. By the time I got back, Spence was ready for school.

We read the Hobbit, the Ranger, we did spelling, silent reading, printing practice, math (more % to decimals and back) and then it was time to do languages - Italian today.

Spence took a break and then did his drum practice and got organized for our lunch out. I popped off to Amaranth to get some stuff and by the time I got back, Spence was ready to go. We got a call just as we were leaving from Joanne saying they were running late and so our lunch will be at 1:15 instead of at 1pm.

Then I'm off to get a party outfit for James' company's 50th Anniversary party.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Today after breakfast, we read the Hobbit, the Ranger, our History of the World (Erik the Red) and then Spencer did his printing, math (% to decimals & fractions), writing practice, spelling, drums and then finally chores - laundry, clean his bathtub (which for some reason he thought was fine, although I disagreed - therefore, bathtub got clean enough to take a bath in).

We had a quick lunch and headed to the skatepark in Cochrane. Jonathan joined us and then we headed to Jonathan's for a play.

Spence did his silent reading in the car and we got home by 4:30 and finished making supper.

6" pop

Middle of the video, you'll see Spence get about 6" of air when he goes over the middle bump


Spence makes the 10' drop easily - but bloopers the lip at the end

Spence dropping into the 10' bowl @ Cochrane


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I let Spence sleep in again, he was pretty good once he got up. He watched Future Weapons (a Netflix show) and then we read the Hobbit. He did silent reading, printing, math (chapter review) and writing (see post about the show he watched). We did spelling, read the Ranger and then he got his chores done.

He had a break and then we went for drum practice. When we got home, we finished our chores and then had supper - home made tortilla shells, grilled chicken / veggi meat for me, spicy guacamole, cuban black beans and side fixings.

Monday, October 04, 2010

I let Spence sleep in - he looked pretty worn out still. We started with the Hobbit, silent reading, the Ranger, Deuteronomy, Spelling, Printing, Math (cosin, tangents, etc), drums and then finally looked at another potential career - History Prof. He was pretty excited about this as a career and thought it might be as good a fit as a lawyer.

I let him relax for a bit, then we tidied up the house and while I ran errands, he chilled.

James left for Lethbridge at 6am to do interviews for his firm and got back around 7pm - so long day for him. He got home, ate and went to sleep.

Spence is heading to bed shortly - we'll see how he's feeling tomorrow....we had planned on going to the skatepark.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

The entire weekend was spent doing nothing but hanging out - very relaxing. We did grama's bd dinner at the Hampton's tonight and then came home to chill for the rest of the night.

Tomorrow - back to school and work and for James, heading down to Lethbridge to do interviews for his firm.