Friday, October 01, 2010

I let Spence sleep in a bit, he seemed pretty tired. We read the Hobbit, Spence did a math game, spelling quiz, we read the Ranger, we planned the next week, updated his chequing account and silent reading.

We both had lunch and then Spence finished off with drum practice. We had enough time to tidy up the house and get ready to go for swim class.

After swim class, we stopped at the Superstore in Airdrie and then dropped off walkie-talkie's at Kelly's (they are borrowing them for the weekend) and then got home to finish off making supper.

Tonight we had lamb ribs, barley crepes, tagine stew, couscous, risoto and angel food cake and we're watching Netflix.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

After breakfast we read the Ranger, our science book - Astronomy and calendars. Spence did his spelling, reading, math (tangent, sin, etc), writing, drum practice and he cleaned his room.

Sam & Kelly came over for lunch and a play and while the boys played, Kelly and I had tea and I showed her the master bath (which was the last thing to change) and I pointed out the fact I need to redo one of the cabinet doors because I screwed up everything on it, except the paint (I think it'll have to wait though, as we have our ski stuff ready to be set up).

Tonight, it was grilled chicken and rice stir fry and now we're chilling with the new shows.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Skateboarding in Cochrane

Climbing up the wall




While eating breakfast, Spence watched how to make a Death Star. We discovered a new science show on Discovery Science - that looks at how to make all the Star Wars weapons in real life (ie. if it is possible and how it would be made). It was a cool show. We watched how to make a light sabre last night - also cool.

Then we read Anne of Avonlea and finished that book off and then the Ranger series. We were reading about the Vikings and how they came to Normandy, which got us talking about D-Day came up and so we researched the role Canada played, the US and the other allies, which got us talking about the Flanders Field poem and WWI and II and the number of men & women who went to war on our behalf. They said 1 million people went to war from Canada in WWII - that's all of Calgary.

Then it was time to research the type of ski's Spence wants for this year. It was down to a pair of K2 and Line skis and after researching the two, he's decided on the Line Afterbang Park Ski. We took some time finding reviews and trying to figure out what they were really saying (new words like JIB - extreme freestyle skiing). Then it was time for spelling, math, printing, reading and getting ready to head out for a lunch date with someone who called herself grama :)

Grama hasn't seen Spence in a few weeks and we've been ribbing her a bit that Spence will forget who she is - she has a great sense of humor and played along. She got out of the car and introduced herself to him with a handshake as his grandmother. Spence had a good laugh and the two of them headed off to Burger King, where I think he ate his inheritance. He apparently got her to get him two sets of Chicken Fries - which he gobbled down (I think he came home with one in a box). I think it's getting expensive for his long lost grama to take him out - he eats like there is no tomorrow.

He got home and finished up school with writing and drums and then we headed to Joanne & Jacob's place down the street. While the boys played in the back yard, Joanne and I sunned ourselves on the deck. We had freshly baked muffins and tea and chilled while the boys ran around.

We finally decided it was time to come home and the boys went off to get slurpees and I drove home and then after walking the dog, caught up on the blog.

Tonight we have halibut & rice for supper and we plan to chill with the new shows on TV.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We decided we'd take advantage of the weather (before it turns bad) and go skateboarding first thing. We stayed for almost an hour before I fell and Spence was feeling worn out. I'm back using my wrist brace (I just stopped using it 24 hours a day a few days ago) and I'll keep it on now for another few weeks. Ah well. Spence and I both had a great time at the skate park - we were the only ones there.

We stopped for gas, dry cleaning and library stuff on the way home and then had lunch. Spence decided to take his second no school day of the month and watched a bunch of history channel shows, did a math quiz, spelling quiz, did some reading and we read together for an hour or so.

We got ready and headed for his drum lessons and then walked the dog. While he was watching History Channel, I had worked on supper - Pupusa's again for Spence and me (stuffed tortilla things from Ecuador). I also made my annual cabbage rolls - aired out the house (the boys don't like the cabbage smell) and we plan to eat some of the Chocolate Lover's Cake later tonight.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Today, Spencer got up and started with watching Anne of Green Gables (the Canadian version, not the BBC version) and it was pretty true to the book we finished....Spence really enjoyed it. We also did scale problems in math and then spelling.

Spence did some writing, reading, drums and got ready for skateboarding. I headed off to a client meeting and when I got back, we walked the dog and left for Millennium to meet up with James for an after work skate.

Spence was right back where he left off and I got used to riding the skateboard again (haven't been on for months).

We left after a half hour and now will scrounge left overs for supper and watch some new TV shows.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today we relaxed. I finished the second coat on my bath doors, the bike got cleaned from yesterday's expedition, we went off for lunch, checked out new skis for Spence, made bruschetta, hummus, pita and toasted french bread. Made banana bread with the brown banana's and will make the initial part of Chocolate Lover's Cake for Spence tomorrow.