Saturday, September 11, 2010

We all got up at a reasonable time, James headed off to do his Corporate Challenge and Spence and I chilled.

We went to Best Buy and EB Games when James got home. The boys traded in some games and then we got speakers for the basement.

I headed off to do groceries and James finished setting up the playroom really looks very comfy now and seems reasonably warm.

We finished getting things organized and made supper - linguine with homemade sauce and BBQ chicken. I also made banana bread - experimenting with the fat ratio - but don't think I got it quite right. Still tastes good, just looks kinda funny.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Today, Spence slept in. We did a bit of school - spelling, planning & budget before we left for our haircuts. In the car, Spence did his math quiz (iPad quiz program) and he did his silent reading, while waiting for me to get my hair cut.

When we got home, we had lunch and watched the Mayan civilization and then he did his drums. He was still tired and opted to nap, while I cleared out the patio for the winter (it's supposed to snow next week). I picked the final veggies out of the little garden box (I'll have to clean it out before it snows though) and went to clean up the basement from the last few days of moving stuff around - it's now a great little rec room for the boys (a bit of carpet and wall plugs - drums moved and it's all good).

When Spence got up, he vacuumed the house and I finished the chores and James got home. We were going to go bouldering, but with Spence tired and James and I still sore from the other day, we opted to watch Lord of the Rings instead.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Today, our electrician came back ..... he had to finish labeling the new panel and figure out why the lights didn't work upstairs.

Turns out one of the wires was crossed and it was a 2 minute fix. Our bathroom outlet controls the lights in 2 bedrooms, the plugs in 3 rooms and the hall light - who knew? He also very nicely helped me relight my hot water tank - which decided to stop heating this morning. He thought the coupler was going - so did the plumber - they both suggested that we let it die a natural death as it was already 6 yrs past its due date. Works for me.

We now have everything up to code and working (we won't light the house on fire due to an electrical short).

While the electrician was doing all this - Spence and I started on Anne & the Ranger and then I had to leave to go to Apple to switch out a worn out computer cord. The store still had a 5 - 6 hr lineup for the iPhone! The staff couldn't believe people were still lining up - they had expected the lines to go away by now.

While I was away, Spence finished his drum practice (which are now in the basement) and he did his reading. I got back and we took a break and had lunch. After lunch, we did spelling, math review, writing (penmanship today) and reviewed classes at Athabasca for prerequisites.

Spence took a break and then went off to the garage to practice his skateboard tricks. I did some chores, work and walked the dog before making supper - tonight Thai Noodle Salad.

In the meantime, James went to pick up the watch grampa gave him as a present and after being fixed, it was appraised at $6,800! Holy Cow! It looks great and I'm so glad we had it fixed. We're having it insured tomorrow. He also went to replace the suit that was stolen - and found a great replacement (off the rack even) by Canali and it feels like a glove, he said. No alterations required on the jacket, just the pants need a bit of work (waist, seat and hemming). He's in love with his new suit - which is great, as he will like wearing it :)

We're going to chill for the rest of the night.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

After breakfast, Spence watched Mystery Hunters and then we read the Ranger. He watched a Rome history show (civil war), then we read Anne of Avonlea (the second in the Anne of Green Gables series).

He continued with silent reading, we baked cookies and he updated his Christmas blog. We decided to swing into math with the math quiz on the iPad and then spelling.

He was going to do drums next, but the electricians were working on the last bit of our updated board - I had plugged in a shaver in our bathroom for James and it blew two rooms, the hallway and we couldn't tell why. The apprentice was working on the stuff and so the electrician said he'd come by to fix it. I told him to hold off until tomorrow as we were going to head out to climb later on.

I had bought some area rugs and underlay and put that down in the basement, we moved the drums and then got ready to go climbing with James.

My wrist hurts again (I think the suitcases did it - moving them around and me not being extra careful) and so I only did two climbs and some warm up on the bouldering wall. Spence was tired and so he did the same (we got him new shoes today, as he grew out of the old ones) and James was tired and hungry - so he only did one climb.

We got home, made hot dogs & chicken with fries - all good. Now chill and relax time.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Long way home - even though it really was a short trip. Our hotel was good, but the yogurt was all expired and the juice wasn't good....but the sleep was, so that's all that matters.

We left and hit the end of Labour Day weekend traffic. We made it to the Banff Gate within a few hours, but then came to a standstill. There was a vehicle that left the road and went into the ravine - so they shut the highway down.

When we finally got through 45 minutes later, they still had only one lane open. Still haven't heard what happened, but we got home within an hour after that and were happy to get out of the truck.

The boys unloaded, walked the dog and I went grocery shopping. I got back and the bags were in the garage (where I could unload the salsa and ice tea - as well as grama's 4 coffee tins [sorry that's all I could find in your flavour]) and I unloaded the groceries from them once supper was done.

We had stir fry for supper and chilled. We're all tired and while James will have to go work in the morning, I decided Spence should have a day to plan for school and relax and for me to be able to sand the bathroom doors and finish painting them so we can finish the bathroom in our bedroom.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

I got ourselves packed, while the boys finished off at PAX. I met them at 1:30 and chilled for a bit - Spence showed me the floor (I borrowed James' pass) and then I headed off to get lunch for James and me, while Spence finished playing.

We left just after 3pm and made it to Merritt by 7:30 - where we checked into the Ramada (our usual stop here) and ordered supper before heading to the pool and hot tub for a relax.

Tomorrow, we head home.