Saturday, September 04, 2010

Day two of PAX! The boys left again around 7:30 and planned to stay until 7pm for the starwars thing.

They got lots of goodies again and had a great time. They came home painted up as zombies :)

Donna and I had another marathon shopping day - today it was Victoria's Secret (which I found out owns La Senza now - this is why their bras look so similar) and it was Ann Taylor Loft and then downtown.

We spent the first four or five hours at the Victoria Secret & Loft, while Donna rounded out her closet and I got a few bras to replace some worn out ones.

We had planned to go to Trader Joe's - but decided getting downtown was more important. We got downtown by 3pm and headed straight to the clothing store where my jeans were supposed to be ready. I had purchased them earlier and they were supposed to be hemmed and ready to go. I had planned on wearing a pair out of the store and chucking my old jeans......well the jeans were a half inch above my foot! both pairs! the seamstress must have been thinking about something else, because I remember her leaving an inch extra from the bottom of my foot. So the jeans were wrecked - they didn't have another pair like them in the store and so they ended up refunding me the entire purchase. So they end up with jeans that are very short and I end up with no jeans. I almost cried - I had been so excited about getting these jeans. To console myself I had a gelato and did some window shopping at Pike Market with Donna.

We got to the starbucks (the original one) and I took a picture of her in front and then we found a place to snack at. We ended up at Seatown Snack Bar - the food was great and reasonably priced and the service was very good. I have to keep remembering to ask for what the waiter recommends as every time I have the food has been really good.

Donna and I headed home and stopped off at Walmart to pick up road snacks for tomorrow afternoon. We came home and I got the Talapia in the oven for fish tacos and the fries for snack time - last of our big food - we shopped well this time - not much to throw away.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Day one of PAX! We got up at 6 and lounged until 7, when we got Spence up for breakfast. They left at 7:30 with everyone in the one vehicle and Donna and I got organized for a day of shopping.

We had decided to do the outlet mall today and we arrived about a half hour after it opened. It was busy all day and we were there until 5:30 - and I am a hard task master - we stopped in every store I thought Donna might have an interest in. She got a haul! jeans, shoes, suitcase, you name it. We left at 5:30 and stopped at Taco del Mar on the way to Walmart at the end of the mall - we got the boys underwear and I got my other two pairs of favorite socks.

We arrived home by 7:30 and as it was Donna's BD today (happy BD) her boys surprised her with presents and lots of hugs & kisses.

James feet hurt and even mine are hurting a bit after so many hours on my feet. Tomorrow it's Victoria's Secret, Trader Joe & Seattle downtown area :)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Today was a relax day. Spence slept in until 9:30 and James and I hung out until he got up and then walked the dog. I worked a bit, James chilled and Spence played video games.

James and I headed to the pool for some sun and then a bit later Todd & Ethan arrived and the boys have been tearing up the room ever since (thank God we have 2 rooms - so I don't have to cringe and see the mess, unless I step into the other room). They are currently pillow jousting.

Todd and James are off to their first PAX event tonight and the boys are planning on sweating, smelling and having fun - I plan to have the windows open :)

Happy PAX'g

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

We switched our day today - we went downtown to try Salumi (which the boys said was great), I had a terrific gelato, we got fresh fish from the market, we walked to a store called Mario's and I got two pairs of jeans that I wanted.

We headed back then and while the boys chilled, I did a bit of work and now we're having pasta w shrimp for supper.

Good day overall.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Easy day today - we went to the Museum of Flight in Seattle for our big trek today. Spence and James went and did a flight simulator together - with the two of them rolling around - upside down, sideways, all which way but straight. Then when that was over, we headed towards the space section, the WWII and WWI sections. The Concord and Air Force 1 exhibits were closed today due to not sure when they are open, as Seattle tends to be on the rainy side :)

We headed home, dropped off Hunter and Spence and went to the Walmart down the street to pick up some milk and check out the store.

We chilled for the rest of the afternoon and made Mexican for supper - tacos & burritos - yummy.

Monday, August 30, 2010

James was up with the sun, I was up a bit later. We had breakfast at the breakfast bar and decided we could leave after we were done and head to Walmart and finish groceries before we started shopping.

We did that and then headed to the outlet mall. We got some good deals and after a few hours decided I would come back with Donna to shop for me. I have a few shirts to still get.

We headed to REI after that (like an MEC) - it was HUGE! It had a track for mountain bikes around the outside of the building, a hiking area to test out boots, a 65 foot climbing wall to test out gear or just climb. I ended up getting a new travel purse - mine had a bit of mold after over 10 yrs use...thought it was time to retire the bag. James found a pair of great bike shorts and I got a water bottle - I was looking for a 2nd one.

We had a good lunch at a local little restaurant and then went to the hotel. It's in the middle of nowhere city - really - between two highways. The hotel itself though is great. We have a two bedroom suite for the same price as our room in Kelowna and a full kitchen.

Tonight we had soup, salad and BBQ chicken - nice to eat in again.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

We got up earlier than we had thought we would and were on the road an hour early. We made good time all the way to the border and got through in 10 minutes - less time than we thought as well.

We had made a reservation while on the road at the Best Western in Burlington (we thought we'd get here around 4pm) and so we opted to stay for the night, instead of trecking further down the road. We got here at about 2pm and after shopping, checking in and all - it was only 3:30. We got to our restaurant at 4pm and had finished by 5pm and were back at the hotel.

Now it's chill time. Today we managed to get socks for the boys at Vans (our regular buy 1 and get the other at half off), we stopped in at Jones, Lululemon and Freddy's - at Freddy's we found Spencer's favorite underwear (camo boxers by Hanes - his last year in them as he'll be out of the sizings next year) and my tinted chapstick - which they stopped selling in Canada. We also stopped off at the Gap and got Spence a pair of Khaki's and jeans and we also got dog food at the Pet Smart.
Forgot to post last night - yesterday was pretty good for most of the afternoon, once the clouds burned off a bit. It was cold when we walked the dog, but was decent by the time we hit the pool, although not warm enough for me to get into the water. Spence was blue and shivering before he left the pool (just before all the teenage girls arrived).

We went to dinner at Asuka - which was really good and then headed out for cake. We chilled and today we plan to leave once we're done breakfast and walking the dog and head for the boarder.