Saturday, August 21, 2010

Today, we headed to Canmore. I went to see my mom and deliver some stuff and James / Spence went to spend some quality time together at the skate park and the bagel shop.

We left just after 12:30 as James was really not feeling well, but decided to stop for food as that might help him out. Turns out it did help quite a bit and he was good to go, once we were done eating. No fishing though - which was our original plan for the way home.

We ate at the Grizzly Paw and had the worst waitress ever! She looked at me like a deer in headlights when I asked if the Caesar salad was still vegetarian, then she brought the salad and it had bacon and when I asked another waitress to take it away (as ours had already left), she commented that the dressing did have anchovy paste and they had a vegan alternative - but that one didn't come with bacon. Our waitress reappeared and said - well you should have read the menu. So guess what her tip was....not much. I ended up sharing James' salad and Spencer's fries and both were great. Other than the very very bad service, meal was good. We decided if we ever see her again (she was a new one), we would specifically not sit in her area.

We got home, James took a nap right away. Spence went to play video games (he was lamenting the fact he had to go out this morning and miss video game time) and I went for basic groceries as we only have about a week before we head out for our Seattle vacation.

Spence left with grama & grampa shortly after 5pm and I heard from him he was well on his way to using up their food credit at the Hamptons. If you ever have extra food credit at your club - just ask Spence to come along :) He enjoyed his food he said and they were going home to chill.

We decided we'd have spaghetti w garlic. It was pretty good and hit the spot for both of us.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Today, Spence got up early (but was still tired and grumpy). We did our school (math, spelling, reading, writing, silent reading, drums) and we never got around to cleaning the house - so that will be a Sunday chore.

I headed off to visit a client in the afternoon, the boys chilled at home. We all scrounged tonight as James is still eating lite and Spence and I couldn't agree on food that we both wanted to eat.

Spence and I went to our climbing lesson and our instructor worked with me and my wrist, so I could continue to climb easy routes, while my wrist continues to heal. She had us doing drills that would make an army Sargent proud! 30 push ups (for Spence, for me it was the swimming superman), 30 situps, 30 jumping jacks and then race up the wall touch the top and climb back down (4o or so feet), then trade off with your partner and then do it again! We were panting and then she told us time to do do an easy route, climb down, do a harder route, climb down and then do your easy route again - this is the easy version of the drill - normally you do 5 - 7 routes...Spence and I both died on that and gave up. She was having a chuckle as she could do all of this quite easily - just goes to show that climbing is a good workout :)

Tonight it's reading books, watching TV and going to bed early.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

We had started doing school - but James appointment was moved up. We left just before 10am and dropped off James at 10:30 and then we headed to Amy's for a play, while James was getting his gallbladder looked at.

We stayed until nearly 2:30 and then went to pick up James from the hospital - who had 'twins' according to the nurse. She said feed him clear liquids and jello tonight and tomorrow morning and he should be right as rain.

He's going to get his gallbladder out sometime in the next six months (they do several thousand gallbladder ops a year at the hospital!). Now for the next few months - its eating healthy.

We got home, walked the dog and decided we needed a vacation day.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

After breakfast this morning, we read Anne & the Ranger series. He did his silent reading, we tried a new ipad app for a math quiz - he liked it and did 50 quiz questions in under 2 minutes and got them all right....pretty good. We did spelling and writing next and finally finished off with drum practice.

We had an early lunch and he tidied up his room before taking a break. I had taped the bathroom up in the meantime and got ready to paint, when James came back from his ultrasound and decided he was too tired to head into work.

The doc called shortly after and asked him to come in. He found out - he shouldn't have even been going to work over the past few days and the ultrasound came back with a clean bill of health for his major organs, but that he might have gallstones. So they made an appointment right away for him to see a specialist tomorrow and to see what is really going on.

The bloodwork still isn't back, and we hope that is all good as well.

Spence and I went to park day and there turned out to be lots of teens there today for whatever reason and so we stayed till after 4pm. We got home and made burgers and fries for supper.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today was a cold day - a high of 15 - so it was good that Spence was going to have a Grama date.

After breakfast, we read Anne of Green Gables & the Ranger series. We did some research on political parties and their general views - Spence remembered a surprising amount from our last chat about the various party views, so that was nice to see.

Spence did some reading and copy work and finally drum practice. He worked on his math (unit rate of change) and discovered he needed more practice. He had a very quick lunch and I packed his bag as grama was on her way to pick him up.

Once they left, I finished painting the cabinet's first coat and the door frame. I took off for the library, best buy & Walmart for a few items. By the time I got home, James was home and taking a nap. I walked the dog and made some rice & beans for supper - James is having a burrito.

Now we'll chill for the rest of the night.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Today, Spence got up early and did school quickly...math, reading, writing (copy work today), Anne & Ranger, spelling and watched Mythbusters. For math, we were doing the rate of change (if it started out 65 degrees and over 8 hours it got to 85 degrees - what was the rate of change in the temperature each hour on average) - it was pretty easy, as it was just an extra step from what we were doing last week (if you went 300km for 6 hours, what is your average speed per hour).

While he was doing school, our electrician's apprentice came by to look at my blown circuit box. I had put in new lighting yesterday (broken and I had to take it all down and back to the store) and new switches & electrical outlet. Everything went well (except for the light fixture) until I installed the bathroom electrical outlet. I switched from our old one (no reset switch) to a new one (with the trip and reset switch) and that blew everything - hall lights, 2 bedrooms and the bathroom. The apprentice told me that it was pulling more power than the circuits were designed to pull and don't plug anything into that wall socket until the electrician can replace the circuit box after we get back from holidays. We knew this was going to need replacing - so not anything new....I got a 'A' though for my electrical work - nothing faulty with that.

I had called James' doc to see if he could squeeze him in - the doc, couldn't and said if James was worried, he should go to the emergency room. Not impressed! We got James into a clinic and the doc was good there - got James into get blood work done and we'll find out in the next few days what is going on. James is still pretty yellow, but he's less yellow today than over the weekend.

Spence and I had lunch in the meantime and headed to Jonathan's for a play. We had thought about going to the skatepark first, but it was so busy, we decided to skip it for today. We got to Jonathan's and the boys played for a bit and then Jonathan was not feeling well, so we left for home.

We got home and had hot dogs and fries for supper - now it's time to chill for the rest of the night.