Saturday, August 14, 2010

James got up early, went for a longboard and by the time Spence and I both got up - James was out sunning himself on the deck.

After breakfast, I went off to paint the master bath - 2+ hours to tape, 1/2 hour to paint :) Tomorrow, will do the second coat and put the light fixture up and change out the electrical switches.....then all I have to do is the cabinet, but I can do that next week.

We went out for James belated BD supper at Muse - yummy as usual. The waiter, remembered us from last time.

After we got back, James and I went to walk the dog and walk off a bit of our supper and Spence did some skateboarding. We'll all chill now for the rest of the night.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Not much for Thursday & Friday - just doing school and chillin. Thursday, Spence had a grama date day and enjoyed that time with grama & grampa.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today we did our school and were done by noon....I had a 1pm client call and we got ready for park day shortly after my call ended.

The boys played for 3 hours at the park and finally we headed home. Walked the dog, made supper and are chillin for the night.

James is still sick - but on the mend now.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today, Spence was up on time and ready to start doing school so we could go play with Jacob & Chris at the park.

We started with math - ratios, and thought that he'll need more practice in the unit measure area and in long division (we've been using the calculator and he's forgotten his steps). So I think tomorrow we'll do a bit of both to practice a bit more before moving on to the next area in the math book.

Spelling, penmanship, Anne & the Ranger series were next. James was feeling well enough for Spence to practice drums today and boy he's getting good. Both James and I thought a drum machine was being used while he was playing one particular set of music.

He did his silent reading and tidied up his room and then we packed up and had a quick lunch before heading out to the park.

We met up with Amy and her boys and the kids had a good three hours or so of playtime and even that wasn't enough.

We've setup a time for next week, so the boys can play some more.

James in the meantime, is starting to feel better - he put down some soup with noodles today and a sandwich. He even took a little walk with the dog today. Maybe tomorrow he'll be able to keep down more and feel better and he'll be on the way to getting better.

We made refried beans and taco fixings for supper for Spence and me. The rest of the night will be chillin.

Monday, August 09, 2010

So, James is still sick in bed. Tried grapes today - not good. So back to water.

I dropped off the truck to get the windshield replaced from two years of cracks and stone chips. I got home and did some work, while Spence went to play with Ethan and his buddies for a small party they were having.

We started school about an hour later with Anne of Green Gables and the Ranger series. We moved onto science, he did some silent reading while I picked up the truck and got some stuff from the grocery for James and a new milk for Spence - the new 4 litre bottle I opened - was open! yeah, someone opened the top and put it back I dumped out the entire thing and went and bought a new 4 litre bottle.

When I got home, Spence was still reading and once he was done, we read some history - today it was the Franks against the Muslims (who had just overrun Spain). Then he practiced his penmanship - his letters are legible!

We continued with Math - today it was ratios. We have done ratios before, so it was a review of how you turn a fraction to a ratio and tomorrow he'll practice the exercises in the book.

He went back to play with Ethan and had some pizza and I spoke with Athabasca about when he could start taking classes (16 yrs old) and what the requirements were. They are sending me a package - yes, it's early - but this way we can start to look at what he'll need to do over the next four years to prep for University. They (Athabasca) also suggested we talk to an admissions person at the U of C (which he hopes to go to afterwards) to see what they will need as well.

Spence finished playing with E and we decided to head off to the mall. James was napping, so no drum practice today and so the mall seemed like a good idea. He found one game he wanted and we got it for $12 instead of the $18 due to a sale they were having. We walked by the Apple store and saw the line up - out of curiosity we asked how long people had been waiting. Since 6:30am! they didn't even know if there would be stock today and it was nearly 3pm when we walked by. They had closed off the line and were just processing through the people they had phones for (the line up closed off around noon - just after they got their shipment)....can't believe people would sit there for that long - and some with baby's and little kids.

We then went to have my wrist x-ray'd as it still hurts from the skateboard accident I had about 6 weeks ago....I think I just pulled a tendon, but it never hurts to check.

We finally got home, decided to walk the dog before the rain was supposed to arrive and now are chilling for the rest of the night.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

James is still sick today - but getting some sleep between getting sick. He still can't seem to keep down even crackers....hopefully he'll start to feel better by tomorrow and keep down some food.

Not a great way to spend a birthday - but what can you do.

Spence and I chilled - did some chores and made some food.

Not much going on, we're back to school stuff tomorrow and the front windshield is getting repaired tomorrow on the truck (the winter stone cracks are going to get fixed).