Saturday, August 07, 2010

The plan today was - Spence and James go to COP and do some mountain biking or we all go to the climbing wall. I would continue reno'g the bathroom in our room (needed to sand and take out doors, etc).....all that didn't happen.

James said he was feeling ill last night and went to bed early. Around 10pm he started to throw up and continued throughout the night and into today. We went to the doc's to make sure it wasn't the medication he was taking for his tummy and the doc thought he got a bad strain of the flu from somewhere. We're pretty sure, he has what Spence had earlier this past week or so - but much worse.

So, instead of heading out doors and going out for a bd supper tonight - he's in bed, trying to stay hydrated between the vomiting fits. He's trying crackers right now - hopefully he'll be able to keep them down.

In the meantime, Spence and I will be scrounging - lots of left overs around and staying out of the bedroom and letting James rest.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Spence got up and while having breakfast, he watched Great White Sharks on Discovery. He did his math quiz, spelling quiz, planned for next week, updated his checking account info and we finally started reading Anne and the Ranger. We continued with Italian for the both of us and after lunch, it was penmanship time - his letters are getting better, so the practice is working.

He did his silent reading, played his drums and took a break before we bathed the dog, cleaned his bedroom and vacuumed the house.

I took off to see the doc (walk-in clinic) for my wrist, which still hurts....but the lady said it could be between 2 - 3 hours before I could seen anyone and maybe even 4 hrs. I decided I'd try next week. Instead I headed off to Home Depot to get my reno supplies for the bathroom.

I ran a few errands and then headed for Market Mall and the Apple store to upgrade James' ram (my old ram went into his computer and the apple store migrated the ram for free).

Headed home, made pizza for supper and we are chillin and watching movies for the rest of the night.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Spence was up before 8am - so I think he's feeling better and had enough sleep. James and I however, were dead tired this morning.

Spence watched Sharkbite Beach while having breakfast and then we read Anne and the Ranger series. We did math - triangles again, spelling, penmanship, drums and silent reading.

Spence was working on a new beat he developed and was busy writing it down for a bit. I got ready and headed off to meet James for lunch, while Spence made his lunch.

James and I ate at West (in Scotia Centre) and it was delicious. We then walked a bit and then headed off to work.

The boys ordered Chinese for supper and we all chilled once I got home.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

During breakfast, Spence decided he wanted to start the school day with a show from National Geographic channel again - Shape Shifters. It was a pretty good show - lots of computer generated animals, dinosaurs and mammals.

Once that was done, it was onto researching gun safety courses and licensing in Alberta. Spence wants to learn how to shoot a gun and I am gun opposed, but do believe in knowing the dangers of the weapon and how to be safe around one. James took a course when he was about Spencer's age and so agreed that if Spence wanted to, he'd take the course with him. So we went internet searching and found the association chapter for Calgary and found out that he could take both the non-restricted and restricted course, but could only apply for a non-restricted license. So then we had to find out what is a non-restricted v restricted firearm....restricted are things like hand-guns while non-restricted are things like hunting rifles, airsoft guns, the bigger weapons. Automatic firearms are prohibited. So he downloaded the 300 page course manual after we talked about doing a 2 day 6 hours a day course and having to answer an exam and do a weapon test (it doesn't seem to include the firing of the weapon, just how to be safe around it). If he takes the course ($150) and passes the exam, he'll be allowed to take lessons. All of this will be coming out of his pocket as well and I told him that he'd have to figure out when he'd have the time to commit to this, with all his other activities. We'll see if this goes any farther, or if he's decided it's not worth the cash outlay or the hours he'll have to study for the exam.

We had an early lunch after that and then did spelling, math (90 degree angle triangles today), penmanship, we read about the Muslims taking over Spain and how Spain flourished under their rule. Then we read the Ranger series, Anne of Green Gables and he read his Deltora Quest series. He did his drum practice and after moving them out a bit more in his lounge was able to do a fast switch between drums - he's getting pretty good with them and I'm glad he's still enjoying them as much as he is.

He took a 15 minute break and then he tidied up his room and we updated some stuff on his iPad and then went for our hour walk with Hunter.

The mosquitoes were out in full force and so we had to retreat off the pathways to the neighbourhoods where they seem to be less abundant.

We got home and I toddled off to the auto repair shop. I had taken our truck in this morning for it's next checkup before we head to PAX in a few weeks and it was pulling left. Well, it chews through tires and needed some new ones. So I thought they'd be done, but they still weren't done at 3:30 and were hoping to be finished by 4pm.

Tonight we're having left over chili on our fries and hot dogs and we're just planning to chill.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Well, yesterday - Spence was feeling nasty (stomach flu I think) and so we had let him sleep in. He went to bed early last night and still slept later than usual.

When he did get up and have breakfast, we started with watching the world's deadliest animals from National Geographic TV - cool show, but makes you never want to go to Australia. It was insects, fish, snakes (in your yard) and crocs that would kill you within hours. Nasty stuff!

We read the Ranger series, Annie story and then he spent about an hour or so looking up video game / entertainment law as a potential career and what he would have to do to get a job eventually in the field. Over then next few months we'll be exploring potential career options some more and he'll start to ferret out some more career options.

Marine biologist / archaeologist is out and so is being a writer. So now we are moving onto other topics of interest :) James and I both thought his idea of combining his love of video gaming and law were a great idea - turns out these guys who do this, tend to be hard core gamers and they wanted to make enough money to enjoy all the toys. Most of them work out of their homes - does not seem like a make a million bucks kind of career, but it would make a decent living and he'd get to enjoy his video game time. The stuff we read included the fact that most of these types of lawyers, had a very well rounded education - minoring in business and accounting.... so he thought maybe he'd get a undergrad in commerce (accounting major - yay accountants ;] ) and then a masters in business and then apply for law school (as they require at least an undergrad to get in). We also found out that Canada has poised itself to become the video game development capital of the world - huge tax breaks and incentives (this from the various complaints of other countries and law reviews about working in foreign countries like Canada as a video game developer)....actually pretty cool stuff.

Next week, we're checking out another potential career - prof at a university (just like auntie). So many choices!

After he did his career research, we did a math review - which he did very well on, considering he hadn't done any math review in two weeks. We move onto triangles this week....measurement and naming. We've done this before in the other grades, so I think it wont be too challenging for him.

We did his spelling quiz, his penmanship practice, drums, his reading and he tidied up his room. He is still quite tired today and so we opted to have one more non-active day.

We plan to rest all week - no park day, none of that - but we'll start to get back into activities like walking, skateboarding, etc.

Tonight is chili with rice - which has been cooking since last night in the crock pot and boy does it smell good. Anyways - not much else planned for the evening.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Today was another chilax day. We all chilled, made some stir fry for supper.

Tomorrow it's back to regular routine of school and work :)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Today, James left before either Spence or I got up for a bike ride with his buddy. He got home just as Spence was getting up.

We continued to chill - the boys played some video games together and I made some pasta for our supper and cleaned off my bench in the garage.

For supper we had the homemade pasta and some homemade Alfredo sauce with salad.

Now it's reading, watching tv and playing some more games for the rest of the night.