Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today, was relax and more relax. I did make some bread, some Angel Food cake for tonight and we made stir fry for supper.

When we walked the dog, the mosquitoes swarmed and swarmed - even when we left the park, they followed us on the road.

Not much else happened today.
On Friday, after leaving creepy crawly hotel - we drove and drove and drove. It always seems to take longer in your mind coming home...we actually ended up driving about 1 hr less on the way home, because we didn't make as many long stops, but it sure seemed like a long drive.

We arrived at 8pm MT - it doesn't help you add an hour when you cross the BC/AB border. The traffic was long weekend traffic, with some drivers (there was one guy from Japan, that I swear couldn't read English) doing 40 in a 70 zone in the left lane and slowing down to 20 around the corners.

While the boys unloaded the truck, I took the beetle to the store and got groceries for next week - we had planned out some basic dinners while on the road. After supplies were brought home, stuff in the fridge and cooler emptied, it was past 10pm and I headed to bed, while James and Spence stayed up for a bit.
Thursday, I was deciding on going kayaking or staying home. I thought the fishy smell on the dog after kayaking might not be a good idea when the weather is hitting +34 c. So we stayed home.

We went for our walk and then I went shopping with grama, while Hunter guarded the door by sitting at it :)

We got home just after lunch and chilled. I finished packing, got things organized and read until the boys arrived. We got the truck repacked and left for the ferry.

TomTom took us to the wrong terminal at first and then we got to Duke Point and found that there were no restaurants in the area and we had 2 hours to kill. We found a hot dog joint at the terminal and ate that and had some water. Spence and I sat on the grass with Hunter, while James headed for shade and a/c in the car.

We were one of the first one's on the ferry and we got parked at the very front of the ferry. When we landed some two hours later, we were the first off and we headed to the Coast Hotel....there were lots of drunk college kids milling around the enterance and another fellow and us moved along after finding out they wanted $250 for the night. By this time it was near 11pm.

We picked our next hotel - it was a Best Western in Chilliwack, that we'd stayed in before and knew took dogs. Almost midnight and we arrive - no rooms available. They sent us to the Travelodge down the street, which said they did have a room. We arrived and checked in and just about laughed, when we saw the room. It was a nasty room and had beetles, ants and other creepy crawly's running about. At that point though, it was past midnight, we were all wiped and after killing a few creepy's, went to bed.

We all got up and were on the road by 8:30 BC time.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I managed to get all my work done this morning and headed out to the skatepark after lunch - it was packed and as I am not a confident skate boarder, I decided I would skip it for now.

I then headed off to my original destination for the afternoon - climbing in Campbell River. I got in about an hour and a half of bouldering in the gym before my wrist gave out and the kids in the camp had just put up new routes and so I tried them all for them. It was a fun thing to do and lots of fun for the kids to see someone else climbing their routes.

I headed for home, tried to fill with gas - but the gas only filled up with about 6 litres and then stopped. I headed back and checked the skate park again, but still filled with too many people for me.

I headed back to the condo and now it's time for a bit more work before I can read and take the dog for his walk when it gets cool tonight.

The boys said they had no luck today with the fish.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today was as much of a scorcher as yesterday. The boys left to go fishing this morning and grama came to pick up Hunter and me at the hotel.

We arrived and decided it would be a good day to work and finish up as much as I could before relaxing tomorrow.

The boys, caught a Chinook (new one - last year it was Coho & Pink) - which they kept (11lbs) and they threw back the cod, the dogfish and other assorted fish. Spence got the first fish, Grampa got the biggest (the one they kept) and overall, they had a pretty good time of it, it seems.

Spence was pretty excited about trying out a new type of Salmon.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Today, we got up and decided we needed a chill day. We chilled in and around our hotel until 2:30 and then took off for the skatepark.

The skatepark was decent here, no real flow, but lots of little places to ride the skateboard up and down and both James and Spence spent some time at the back of the park where it was a bit more advanced.

It was hot, so we didn't last more than about 40 minutes, even with the shade area. We headed to grama & grampa's for a visit and Spence stayed to have supper with grama and then off to a movie with her.

James and I went to White Spot - mainly because the traffic around our hotel was nasty (they have taken the street apart and there is only one lane getting through - alternating traffic pattern) and we decided we'd walk to wherever was the closest place to eat. The food was decent and when we left we stopped at 7-11 for some more gingerale for tonight.

We plan on walking the dog when it cools a bit (it's currently 25, but very humid and it was warmer earlier in the day) and then chilling out for the rest of the night.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday the boys were sick with the heat. I went down for an hour to swim / tan and then we decided to eat at the hotel because the boys didn't want to go out anywhere if they didn't have to.

We went to the lounge and ordered our food - which came, then went, then came, then went and by the time they did leave it at our table, it was luke warm. We complained to the manager to very nicely comp'd the food.

I gotta say, the Whistler Fairmont, has been our most disappointing experience at the Fairmonts. It's a mediocre hotel and food - the staff is excellent though, despite the hotel's lack of being on par with the other Fairmonts.

We left first thing this morning and headed for the ferries (left @ 9:30) - we arrived at the terminal at 11:30, as we drove slow to make sure Spence and I both had reasonable stomachs. We missed the 12:50 ferry (the one before was at 10:40) and so we were on the 1:30 ferry. It left late and so we didn't arrive on the island until just before 4pm. We then headed to our hotel in Comox - the Holiday Inn Express, and arrived just after 5:30pm. Long day!

We stopped at the Goats on the Roof market and got supper for our room. We had our supper, went to the pool & waterslide and chilled.

Tomorrow it's the skatepark and chill time with grama & grampa.