Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Vacation 2010

Spence at mini-golf in Whistler
Whistler with Karin & Carlos

At the chocolate shop with the bear
At the street park in Vancouver
In one of the many parks in Vancouver
Glass K2 Ski's at Vancouver's Granville Island
Kamloops Skatepark

Stampede 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

We managed to climb - it was a nice gym and we all wore ourselves out. We were going to have pizza, but the first place wasn't open, the second place was sold out and so we ended up at a place called La Bocca, which was pretty good general food (bugers, pizza, etc).

We walked back home and James & Spence went to the pool, while I worked a bit. The boys came back up and James napped, Spencer played some video games and I continued to work a bit more.

We had contacted friends of ours from Vancouver and found out they were vacationing in Whistler as well and so we decided to meet up for supper with them. We had a great supper at Caramba's (an Italian joint) with Karen, Carlos, Aila & Lorenzo (& Taylor - friend of Aila's) - the kids have grown up sooo much! We caught up on a few years of life during dinner and had a wonderful time watching all four kids play games on the iphones / touches during supper.

We headed home and James & I went for a hot tub at the pool, while Spence caught up with his buddies online.

Now it's bed time and tomorrow it's mini-golf & skatepark we think.
We all got up early today and James and I headed out for a morning dog walk in the woods. There are tonnes of paths around here and it was a nice walk next to the river.

We found the skate park and the bmx park and we stopped off at a few stores to see what they had - James was looking for shorts, as he forgot to pack his and I was looking for jammie bottoms. We found both today and then headed home to get Spence.

We are heading out to climb at the climbing wall here in the village and then we plan on a pizza lunch. The rest of the day is freeflow - but we hope to head to the pool sometime today and to take a nap :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Both Spence and I were feeling sick today from all the twisty turns we took. We arrived without incident to our hotel and then went for a big exploratory walk.

We had supper at a burger joint that everyone recommended - Splitz Grill - it was good and really reasonably priced.

We took the dog with us and they allow the dogs in all the stores, so we all got our nightly walk in. Now we are chilling with our feet up and will head out tomorrow to climb.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today, James went for a longboard while Spence and I slept. When he got home, we had our breakfast and then walked the dog. We headed to the pool after that and then we went for a big walk downtown.

We came back for lunch and then went back to the pool. I took a nap after we got back from the pool and the boys chilled.

We hit the road to head for supper with Igor, Heidi & Ella. Dinner was great and we had a great walk on the way home. We stopped for cake at True Confections and made it home by 7:30. We headed for our patio and chilled for a bit and now it's off to bed for our tuckered feet.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yesterday - we arrived in Vancouver by 6:30pm. We stayed at the Granville Island Hotel for the night and had a good walk around the island and the sea wall.

Today we went to the market when it opened and got some food for the next day or two. We then shopped the rest of the market for stuff and ended up going home without anything but the food.

We finished off most of the food by supper - Spence can pile down a set of sandwiches!

When we checked out, we went to the skatepark down by the hotel - it wasn't anything special. We then went for lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant in Vancouver and then did a bit of shopping. James and I each got some new shoes at Fluevog and then I got some board shorts for me (to replace the ones everyone said should have been replaced about 4 yrs ago).

We checked into our new hotel, the Fairmont Pacific. The room is great - pool level and a bathroom which is as big as our bedroom at home. They offered us an upgrade due to the room not being ready when promised, but it would have taken us off the pool level - which is great for when Spence wants to go swimming.

The boys got supper from the hotel and I got a snack and then I headed out to have supper with Dave and catch up. He took me to Bin 942 which is a tappas type place. The food was good and the service was good, so I was happy.

Tomorrow it's a day at the pool.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

We decided we'd just go to the rodeo today, as we had done everything we had wanted to yesterday. We got there about an hour early and hung out.

The riding was great - lots of ties and so we had some rope offs. Lots of bucking off and this one poor cowboy, kept getting horses that just weren't into the rodeo today. The first one didn't want to leave his stall, the second one decided he'd had enough and just stood there, the third one pranced a bit and then chilled. The fourth ride was a good one - enough to get the guy into the finals. He then get's a horse that sat down as soon as it got out of it's stall and finally he gets a good horse and get's bucked off. I think he was too tired - he rode like 4 times more today than anyone else.

We left as the bull riding was finishing up and the guy won that by 0.50 points - very close call.

We got home, made supper from what was left in the fridge and finished packing up as much as we could before tomorrow morning.