Saturday, July 17, 2010

We got up and after a late breakfast headed to the Stampede grounds for our annual family perusal of the art show and crap fair show.

We got that done in record time and then headed around to spend the rest of the tickets I had from this past Monday. The boys did a bit of shooting with the bb guns and some ball tosses and we walked by the ride Spence got sick on this past Monday (it's the same one that had 10 people injured yesterday when it broke and cars flew off mid way through the ride) and we decided we'd probably not do those types of rides at this type of park anymore.

We went to see the Acrodunkers - which was different, but we all decided not our cup of tea. Then got fries to go with our home made sandwiches (they were greasy this time - Monday the same place had great fries, but they made them fresh on the spot then and today they were sitting in the warmer for a while).

It was time then to head to the rodeo and watch the wild card day for all the events. It was really hot outside and we were happy to be in the shade, but got cold by the time the events got going. Sitting in the shade it was at least 10 - 15 degrees colder and everyone around us was using hoodies and jackets as blankets. I had forgotten my rodeo blanket, but had my fuzzy jacket and so Spence and I shared that across our knees.

When the show was over, we headed home for some supper and final preparations for the trip. James packed, I made sure Spence and I had everything we needed for the trip and all the dog food & meds and then we settled in for the night.

Tomorrow we go for the rodeo finals and we pack up the truck for Monday's road trip.

Relaxing at the Stampede Rodeo

Friday, July 16, 2010

Spence has really grown up this year.....

Winter 2007
Summer 2008

Summer 2009
Summer 2010 (now 12)

I was talking with Donna the other day and we were trying to figure out when Jonathan and Spencer met (we think it's 2007). That got me looking at pics and made me realize how much Spence has grown this year. He's changed so much over the past few months, you'd be hard pressed to recognize him from the little boy he was even a year ago.

He didn't change a huge amount until recently and then wham - he's morphed into a teen overnight. Pretty cool to have all these pics digitally and be able to look at them online :)
We're officially almost ready to head out for vacation. We have a few more things to do and we need to pack up our food for the trip and then we're ready to go.

Today, Spence was up at 7:45! I guess he caught up on sleep. He was hungry and went through several bowls of soup and banana bread while finishing up a very light day of school. We did the minimum we thought we needed to do before vacation started....reading, spelling, math quiz, drums.

Spence helped out with some of the packing and cleaning up and I got the truck ready to go. We are BBQ'g burgers tonight and we should be able to finish cleaning out the fridge of food before Sunday.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Calgary Stampede - July 12

Gotta fly that jet

Fooling around on the torpido

John (Jonathan's dad) getting stuck with the hammer, while the boys ride

Taking a break between rides

Chillin on the grounds

Cochrane Creek Day with Jonathan

Today, we started with a math quiz, spelling quiz, Iliad, Anne of Green Gables, then he moved onto reading, and then we read the Ranger together. He did his writing, drums, and finally lunch.

We got ready to head to Jonathan's then and the creek by his place.

We did some errands first and then drove out to Cochrane. It was a bit chilly when we arrived with the cloud cover and so the boys played in the back yard. It finally warmed up and we headed to the creek for a play.

We stayed until 4:30 and then headed home for supper. James is late tonight and so we're just chilling while we wait for him to come home.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last night was the first time in Stampede history that the Chucks were canceled and the boys only found out after they arrived at the grounds and had paid $20 for parking.

Today, we all woke up tired - so I think we are fighting something or are wore out and need some time off....not sure which - but sleep is in order.

We are on our vacation schedule already - so it was math quiz, spelling quiz, Iliad, Anne of Green Gables, Ranger, printing practice, drums, reading and Italian. Spence ate non-stop from the time he got up until nearly 2pm - said he was may be growing again (I think he's a good 2" taller than me now).

He did his laundry, cleaned his rooms and chilled with his buddies.

James got his annual performance review done today and so we went out to celebrate his promotion at Sakana's - yummers.

Now it's chill time until early bed time tonight.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today, Spence did his math quiz, spelling quiz and then moved onto the Lost Pyramids of China. We read the Iliad, Anne of Green Gables and then the Ranger. He did his reading, writing, quick drum practice and then got ready for his lunch with grama.

While he went out with grama, I got some keys made for our place and ran some more errands. When I got home, Spence was back and had started his laundry.

He played a bit and I finished cleaning up under the stairs and then we chilled while we waited for James to head home and then the boys plan to go to the chucks tonight.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Today, Spence got up around 8:30 and we got ready to head off to Stampede (will post pics & videos later).

We got there at about 10:15 and waited in line until 10:30 and then headed straight to the Mac's for Slurpee's, as it was warm and we were waiting for Jonathan and folks to arrive. They did about a half hour after us and then we headed to the rides, just as they opened.

The boys did a number of rides before Spence got sick from all the motion. They then hit each other for almost a half hour with blow up hammers (we observed 20 something boys doing the same thing and so we figure this is something they will not grow out of).

We did a few more rides and then headed to the Super Dog show as lightning was on the horizon. We got to the hall and were waiting inside just as the hail and wind storm hit. We got our seats and watched the show - the dogs were great as usual, but there was a lot more advertising this year compared to prior years.

When we left the building, the rain had gone and we continued to do some games (this year they take tickets as payment and since we were done with rides, it was a good way to get rid of the extras), a few more rides and then hit the army display.

James was just about there by then (he walked the entire way from his office as no trains were working) and he headed into the Saddledome to get seats for us and we headed off to get supper. I ended up with a fresh made falafel and Spence had a hot dog & fries. We all watched the Cattle Penning finals ($225,000 purse - $50k for our division) and then headed home.

It was great to have Jonathan, John & Donna along today - the boys had a great time and I had great company all day. Not a bad way to spend a day.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Totally and utterly wiped out!

Spence slept in until 10 this morning and James and I got up between 8 and 9 (James closer to 8 and me closer to 9).

It was a stay at home be lazy day - so we did that. Spence decided at 4:30 he was ready to skateboard and so he and I headed to the park and did a bit of skating. We're still all sore from Friday's climbing lesson, and really tired.

Early to bed tonight and then back to the regular routine tomorrow.