Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 5 - the grass does grow on rock!

Grass has sprouted on and around the rocks, just as advertised

The grass in the boggy mess we made of the dirt - still grew without a problem.

OK - so sometimes the ads are bang the grass does grow on rock and in soil. So why doesn't it grow on my clay like ground outside?
Last night Jonathan came for a sleepover and the boys had a good time playing video games and watching movies.

The boys were up at 7:45! I couldn't believe that they were up. We headed to the Cochrane skatepark for a quick skate and then we were off to Canmore.

I did a quick visit with my mom and the boys did some more skating at the Canmore skatepark. We went to Grizzly Paw for lunch and then home for a nap.

Cochrane Skatepark

James in the Cochrane bowl

Spence doing the Cochrane bowl

Friday, July 09, 2010

James climbing on the incline ledge

James doing the bowl

Spence doing his grab off the small box

Spence in the bowl

Spence @ the Airdrie Skatepark Bowl


James - Airdrie Skatepark

James doing the skatepark bowl

James and I got up as usual (ok, I slept in another half hour) and then we got Spence up at 8:30 and left for the Airdrie Skatepark by 9am. We arrived by 9:30 but the kids with the bikes were already out - they were good though and we didn't have any problems skateboarding with them.

Spence did some great jumps and some rides around the floor level bowl. James did some great circuits in the bowl and I made it down the littlest slope I could find with both feet on the skateboard by the time we were ready to leave.

We headed for the mall after for lunch and a walk. Lunch was at the burger bar and then I got a sweet deal at Tommy Bahama - 3 tshirts and 1 pair of shorts for $25! How can you go wrong?

Tried on every boot in Bass Pro and didn't find anything I liked and so we left and came home for nap time.

We left for our climb lesson a bit early and glad we did - the traffic was really bad. We arrived and Sheena had us working on the bouldering wall. We worked on some overhang techniques, some bad grip technique and some arm workouts on the walls and how to recover on the wall when your arms give out. We then went to the basement and hung from a bar until we dropped, did some situps and other exercises to prevent injury. We were totally exhausted by the time the hour had finished.

Jonathan came and we took him with us from the wall. We ordered pizza on the way home and stopped for snacks at the grocery store. When we arrived home, the garage door wouldn't open. We tried the remote, the wall remote and nothing....thought to climb in through a window but couldn't climb the side of the building easily enough. Called a locksmith and in the meantime found our house keys in my jacket pocket that I had left in the car the other day (good thing too!) - canceled the locksmith and tried the remote in the car in the garage - still nothing. Tried the wall mounted interior remote (the one that is hard wired into the garage door opener) and that one worked. Went online and it sounds like the circuit board is gone and they don't mfg them anymore and so it's time to buy a new garage door opener. At least we got into the house without a locksmith :)

The boys had pizza and scurried off to play video games and James and I watched the 1st day of rodeo for the Stampede on TV.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Today, Spence got up early as I was off to visit the doctor's office at 10:30.

He did his math quiz, spelling quiz, reading, planning for next week, checking account update, printing practice, Italian, drums and finally getting ready for going out with Grama.

He left with grama for lunch & a movie and I ran errands when I was done with the doctor.

When James got home, we left to check out a suit sale, pick up his dry cleaning and go for supper.

The suit was a mess - we picked up his shirts and paid for the bill and then before we left the fellow at the counter said, he couldn't find James' suit...normally it's all in one plastic cover. So the fellow calls his boss, they are taking time and so we said, call us when you find the suit and we left (this was at 5pm). I called at 7:30 and was told, they still didn't find the suit. I called the 'boss' - his name is Richard. His cell phone reception sucks and kept dropping the call. He says to me, he needs another week - he's had the suit and shirts since the 29th of June. He then says I should have picked up the suit when I was supposed to pick it up on July 2nd - however, there was no explanation as to why the shirts seem to have made it another few days at the store and the suit seems to have walked away on its own. Finally he says he got broken into and doesn't know where the suit is. When I ask for the police report he says I don't need it, he's filing the claim for the suit. So something isn't adding up - he doesn't have the cost of the suit (which of course turns out to be the only really expensive suit James has - his made to measure suit from Harry Rosen). So Richard says on my last try to call him, that he'll be in the shop at 6am - so I plan to call at 7am to get a police report and insurance claim confirmation for the full price of the $1400 suit. We'll see what happens, but I intend to get the full value of the suit back or the suit in the same condition it was brought to them back. BTW - it's Richard's Dry Cleaning that lost the suit.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The boys longboarding @ the clinic


James and Spence working on their slowing & stopping

Once Spence was done reading and had lunch, he did his printing practice, math quiz review, spelling quiz and drums.

When we were done, we went to park day and did some errands. We left at 4pm and headed to the tofu truck and the food court at the mall for a snack before the longboard clinic. We made it to the Royal Boardshop in time to get Spence a new belt and new elbow pads.

We got to the clinic location and started with the class (I should have brought mosquito juice, but forgot). James and Spence had a head start on me, as they knew how to go down hills and stop already. They will be trying sliding next week. I on the other hand, conquered my fear of inclines :) I can make it down a tiny hill now and manage to slow myself and stop when needed. I am so thrilled as it really makes longboarding a whole lot more fun.

We left at 7:30 - can't believe an hour and a half went by so quickly and headed home for a quick supper and dog walk.
So it's finally a gorgeous day out there and what does Spence want to do today? Read! Never thought that would happen. He's been at it for an hour and a half so far and I'm running out of things to do around the house, while I wait for him to get his fill.

Oh well, better reading than just vegging I suppose.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I think we're tired.

We started with the Iliad, started a new Ranger book in the series, read Anne and then Spence went on to read some more on his own. We then continued with science (minerals - not an exciting topic for Spence)....and started our grass growing experiment.

The grass commercials and the ad on the bag says - you can grow this grass on cement, rocks or in soil .... so we are trying it. One growing in soil and the other on rocks. Neither of us believes that the grass will grow on the rocks, so it'll be interesting to watch over the next few days and weeks (see pics - day 1).

We then continued with spelling, math (triangles today), writing and drums. He's decided he's going to stop playing the guitar today - so we'll see what happens with that....he is still enjoying the drums and so that's always good.

He took off after lunch to the skatepark with Jacob. Once back home, we left to go climbing.

We found out we can't go two nights in a row as none of us could make it up the wall :)

We trudged home, had taco's and now are trying to stay awake until a respectable hour.

Spence trying a grind


Spence doing a small grab


Day 1 of Grass Experiment

Can grass grow on a medium that isn't soil? The advertisement on the bag and TV say it can grow on cement, rock or soil .... so we'll try soil & rocks :)

Wild Mustangs in and around Yamnuska

Spence & James @ Cochrane Skatepark

Spencer's BD now painted and ready to sleep in

Monday, July 05, 2010

James about 10' off the ground - bouldering

Today, Spence wanted to get up a bit early .... but decided to sleep in when I actually tried to wake him :)

I had to go to my client's office and he decided he wanted to watch a bunch of science and history DVDs and read - so that's what he did after I left.

When I got back, we read the Iliad (we've started a new version), Anne of Green Gables and the Ranger series. We continued with spelling, math & writing - today math was actually square roots - which he remembered how to do, so we got that done really quickly.

He vacuumed the house and dusted and then took a bit of a break before we left for the climbing gym.

We all worked on a variety of bouldering problems and after a half hour came home to have grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup -- hit the spot after a good workout.
Yesterday, we chilled around the house and did nothing - very nice to do that once in a while.