Saturday, June 26, 2010

Today, James headed off to work before either Spence or I were up. Spence and I chilled - he played all day, I caught up on chores and did some more trim painting (I have the window and closet to do and then touch ups and then I'm done!). I wish the bed was 6" thinner, as it would fit neatly into the closet and that could become a hidy hole for him - but it doesn't, so I'll have to think of something else to be a neat feature in his room.

We had left overs for supper and I made a fresh batch of sourdough bread (from a sourdough starter Kelly gave me) and a fresh batch of banana bread.

Tomorrow - more chores, maybe a climb.

Friday, June 25, 2010

My skate around Cochrane Skatepark


My First skateboard

I got Spence up at 8:30, so we could head out by 9:30. Sam & Kelly came by at 9:15 and we were on the roady by 9:30. We arrived at Cochrane Skatepark just before 10 am and Jacob joined us around 10:30.

The boys skated for a long time and Jonathan ended up coming to join us around 11:00. His mom had thought they couldn't join us, but their washer was late for delivery and so his dad came by with Jonathan. We all stayed until 1pm and then headed home.

Spence had three nasty wipeouts, I got a lot of video and overall it was a good morning. We came home and made some ice cream and chilled before I left to pick up my laptop from Apple and get groceries, while Spence finished school - drums, guitar, reading and cleaning up his mess.

I got to Apple and after waiting 15 minutes for the guy to come back with my computer, he comes out and says"your computer is not fixable" can you come back in 20 minutes when the supervisor is back?". I went and got my groceries and headed back to the Apple store. The tech manager came out and told me I'd be getting a new computer, but they were having issues getting my data off my computer as it wouldn't start any longer. They were going to try something else and if nothing else, could I let them know how much data would be lost. I only had 5 days of unbacked up data, so no big loss if they can't get my data off...but I'd prefer if they did, so I wouldn't have to reload all the software.

Got home, picked up Spence and we went to the climbing gym. Tonight we worked on using our fingers only (you tape up your hands and only use the fingertips) and we worked on 'smudging' which is using the actual wall to climb. We ended the night with a big climb up a wall - Spence made it a little more than 1/2 way and I didn't make it more than 1/3 up the wall.

Spence and I went to the board shop to get me some pads as my wrist and shoulder still hurt from my falls yesterday and while there we got Spence some really good knee pads, as we noticed his today were not working as they were supposed to be working. James in the meantime, went to get Leora.

We all met up back at our place, where we had BBQ (maui ribs & chicken w veggi skewers and rice) and are now watching a Bond flick.

Spence @ Cochrane Skatepark


Skatepark Tricks

Look at that air! Never thought a scooter could do that

Father's Day Dinner

Thursday, June 24, 2010

After a quick breakfast, we got ready and headed out to the Cochrane Skatepark. We were there for a good half hour before Jonathan came by to join us with his scooter. In the meantime, Spence spent part of that half hour teaching me the basics of skateboarding - stopping, going on flat ground and doing something called a 'tick-tack' - to help me turn.

I had a great time and decided I needed a variety of pads if I was going to continue learning the new sport.

At 10:30, we went to Jonathan's place for a play and we left at noon. We arrived home and during lunch we watched a show on Vancouver and Seattle in order to pick stuff to do while on our various summer vacations this year.

We then read the Chosen & the Ranger. We did his planning for next week and updated his budget and checking account. We moved onto math and decided to do a double dose today, so tomorrow he didn't have to do any. It was a chapter review today and so that worked out perfect....there were a few areas where he was still a little shaky and so we will go back and work on those next week. We continued with spelling, reading, writing, drums and guitar.

While he did reading, writing, drums & guitar - I went to Walmart to get some of our groceries and then I walked the dog and we headed down to Kensington for supper. Spence and I went a bit early so that we could longboard a bit. We did and I figured out you can't text and longboard at the same time at my skill level.

We then met grama, grampa, Leora, James for supper at Pulcinnela's. Dinner was good as usual and after a very filling supper, we came home to chill.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today, I let Spence sleep in a bit as we had planned on staying home (he said he was 'exhausted' from all the skateboarding yesterday).

He started with researching airsoft guns and after talking about all the requirements and the fact the city of Calgary bylaws prohibit them on any publicly owned lands....he's decided it's not such a good idea to own the gun. He did however find out that there is an airsoft gun place (like laser tag) that he can go to if he wants and rent all the equipment and play a game in the building they have set up for that.

He continued with David Rocco for a cooking dvd and decided he liked two of the recipes and so we copied those down and we'll try them out over the next few weeks. We continued with the Ranger, the Chosen and then he read on his own before we moved onto spelling, writing and math.

We took a quick lunch break and then he did his drums and guitar and I went off to do some errands. When I got back, he said he was ready to go to park day and so we got our stuff organized and headed out. We arrived a little late, but they had a good play and we didn't leave until 4:15.

We met James at the comic book store and both he and Spence were too tired to go climbing, so I felt better that I had at least done some long boarding while Spence was playing at the park. We got home, ordered Chinese and walked the dog. I left shortly after supper to go to the condo board meeting (the last of the summer) and got back around 9:30 (in time for Spence to finish his shower and for us to read together) and settled in for the rest of the night.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We had decided that we would head to Cochrane Skatepark with Jacob & Joanne in the morning. We had planned for only 2 hours, but the boys were having tonnes of fun and so we stayed until 12:30 and then headed home.

We got home just after one and started with a nap for Spence. He had a 1/2 hour break and then we did our Friday stuff - math quiz, spelling quiz, we read the Ranger, the Chosen, he read a bit and then did his guitar & drum practice. Our drum lesson was cancelled due to our instructor having a doctor's appointment and so that gave us time to do school in the afternoon.

We were done by just after 3 and then he had a break time, while I did some chores and walked the dog. I went to pick up James and then we had our taco's for supper.

Now it's off to paint Spencer's room (I am running behind schedule).

Monday, June 21, 2010

Today, after breakfast, Spence decided to start with Myth Busters. We read the Chosen and the Ranger and then he did his spelling, reading, writing and math (how to multiply powers with the same base numbers).

He then did his drums and dusted a bit before having lunch and getting ready to go to Airdrie to try out the new skatepark. We arrived at 1pm and found the skatepark so crowded, you couldn't get around (so I ask you - what are all the teen's doing at the skatepark instead of being in school)...after a half hour of trying to get time in, Jacob and Spence decided that they might do better at Millennium.

We headed down, but we found the same situation and the skate demo was getting set up - so that lasted only another half hour. As we had time, Jacob had decided to go home and we went to the skateboard shop and picked up Spencer's new board.

We got his new board all done up and headed back to the park to try out the board. He loves it and even skated for a good 45 minutes before James arrived and we left for the climbing gym.

We got to the climbing gym and spent an hour doing a few routes on the wall - Spence did a great route with a huge overhang and I only made it up about 3/4 of the way on the same route. We did a bit of bouldering too and then headed for home.

It was pizza night and so we got the pizza's ready and then chilled until it was time for music lessons with Gregg.
Saturday - James went to play golf with his mom/dad and Spence and I chilled (well I painted the 2nd coat on his room). Sunday - James & Spence went to a football game with grampa and Graham (not sure how he spells his name, but I don't think this is it) and they had a good time. I painted the closet, visited my mom and did some stuff around the house.

Overall a good weekend.