Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today, we all got up by 9am and after walking the dog headed to the skate park (will post pics shortly). Spence and James did great, until Spence took this magnificent tumble. He took a break and then we got him ice cream and headed to the skate board shop.

James needed some new stuff for his old board and a new skateboard for the skate parks. While there, I found a great little long board for myself and so we left after those two purchases to head to the climbing wall.

We bouldered for about a half hour or so and Spence did some very difficult over hangs without any trouble.

We stopped at Harvey's for lunch on the way home. James took a nap on the deck and I did some gardening - all my flowers are now planted.

We got a call from Apple, my computer got more broken overnight. When they were testing it (after they fixed it), they found new problems - so they ordered parts but told me I could take it home and use it until the new parts came it.

We decided we'd do scrounge tonight as we have lots of stuff in the freezer and left over chinese from last night.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Today, Spence got up and after breakfast started painting his figures from the game he bought yesterday. I read the Iliad, the Ranger, the Chosen and finally I finished reading to him and he finished painting and we continued with a spelling quiz, math quiz, planned out next week and he did some silent reading.

He continued with writing, guitar and drums and then we had udon noodles for lunch. He got a bit of play time and I vacuumed the house and took out the recycling. We then headed to the swim lesson in Airdrie - which was interesting.

When we registered online the class was supposed to be 9 weeks for 60 odd dollars. In their brochure it was 9 weeks and 50 odd dollars - both places had different start and end dates. We had headed out for our first day of swimming on April 30 and they called while we were at the library and said - oops....class doesn't start until May 2 and oh, it now ends 6 weeks later on June 11 and not on July 2 or June 18 (the other two dates given on the website and the brochure). So today, I hear from someone at the pool that there is another class next Friday...I ask the instructor, she says there is another class next Friday. The staff up front think it's going to the 2nd of July and I have an email saying it ends I talk with the other parents and some have the June 11 date and others June 17 and no one has July 2. At this point I figured, it's better to be safe and get Spencer's report card then leave it and find out next week we don't have a lesson. The instructor did give us our card (he passed level 6) and we'll call the head of the department and ask if we should be there next week or not. I suspect we won't have another class.

Swimming was good for Spence and he hung out with Sam afterwards for 15 minutes. Kelly and I, in the meantime hung out in the hot tub today as a last class treat. Spence and I left at 3:30 and normally we make it down to Kensington by 4. There was a 3 - 4 car pileup on Deerfoot between Memorial & 16th and the traffic was backed up to Country Hills and so we got off on Stoney Trail and headed back down as if we had left from we didn't get down to Kensington until 4:15 or so and we didn't get to the climbing wall until 4:45. Our instructor there (it was lesson night) was great and had extended our class by 15 minutes for us.

Tonight's exercises were all about fluid movements - so walk across the wall. You press in, stretch out with your arms, let go and as you start to fall back, you stick to the wall with your hands, using the momentum of falling off (ok - hard to explain). Then we did it up the wall (easier to go up and let go than across). We did some warm up runs first though - walk up and then walk down the wall a few times - no getting lowered tonight. Then as an added bit of excitement, she told me to climb up the wall with only one hand - helps me balance, keep my arm straight (making easier to climb) and makes me use my bones and not my muscles to hang off the wall when I'm using the momentum to move....I only made it up about a 1/3 of the wall before I fell off. James was great and didn't let me drop more than a few feet and then I decided I'd had enough for a bit. She then for a closer had Spence and I climb a route we'd never done before a 5.9 pitch (which is still fairly easy) and it had some overhangs (I have a mental thing about I'm working on climbing them). Spence was so tired, he only made it up about 1/3 of the way, while I managed to make it up about 3/4 of the way before giving up. We were all so tired when we left the wall that we decided we would skip going out and order Chinese so we could eat in our jammies.

We ordered our Chinese and it was ready by the time we walked the dog. We ate and then pretty much were done - James went to bed early (like 8pm), Spence is chatting with buddies and I'm chilling and zoning in front of the TV.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spence got up early enough and after breakfast we read the Iliad, the Chosen and the Ranger. We moved to a math quiz on doing equivalent fractions and fraction multiplication in his head. Not sure where his head was today (he forgot what 2x8 was but could remember what 6x4 was), he forgot times tables, shoes, jacket, pretty much everything...ah well...we've all had those days.

He did his spelling, reading, writing, drums & guitar and then we packed up and headed to Chinook to meet up with Sam and Kelly. We arrived a bit early and the fellow looked at Spence (it was a new guy for us) and explained he had to buy something in the store - they weren't a free play place (speaking of play - the Lego store there has a free Tuesday play ... we know what we'll be doing on rainy Tuesdays). I understand the guy, but he was a bit on the rude side and then when he found out Spence could pay for stuff, he started hard selling him on items. I kept my mouth shut (ok, that was pretty hard for me to do) and after we left the store with Spencer's purchase, I asked him what he thought of the selling process...he said he felt pushed and not really wanted, but figured this was his only chance to buy this stuff. I explained that he should never feel pressured to buy something and he's better to walk out the door than buy under pressure and there are always other places to buy the items.

We had lunch at the mall (we both had home made sandwiches and Spence also had udon noodles from Edo Japan) and then headed to the discount store to look for a new wood sword. We finished there and headed back towards the NW and our errands. We skipped the German store today (we decided it would be one too many errands) and headed straight for Bed Bath Beyond. I was exchanging my new mixer, as my 1st speed didn't work and I need that for the bread. I just bought it and so I thought I'd just pop by and exchange. They didn't have the colour I wanted (Fire Engine Red) and so they ordered me one from the warehouse and I should have it within 10 business days. We then stopped at Market Mall and the Apple Store. My parts had arrived and I dropped off my laptop for repair and picked up some new cases for our laptops (similar to the cases for our iPads). James & Spence got black cases with a skull and x bones (it's very cool) and I got a monkey one. Lots of colourful monkey faces on it. We then went to Best Buy to get Spence a flexible case for his iPad and then Walmart to pick up some gardening stuff.

The cart at Walmart broke with all our stuff in it - the wheel on the bottom of the cart bent while we were rolling it around and everything tipped over and my fingers got caught in the cart, trying to grab stuff as it fell out. There were two clerks watching all of this happen and no one came to help or to ask if we were ok or needed a new cart or anything. Finally when we had everything back in the cart, a guy came up to us and offered to get us another cart.

We then headed to the library and finally home. We walked the dog before we settled and then turned on the fireplace, got supper on (nachos with veggie chicken for Spence, Tomato soup for me with crackers).

James is off golfing for charity in the rain and we're snuggled in keeping dry and warm.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Spence got up early this morning and after breakfast we started with the Iliad, The Chosen and the Ranger series. We moved onto math, spelling, Italian, drums, guitar, reading and finally writing.

Spence got dressed and just as he finished, Sam and Kelly came over. The kids had a great time playing.

We left at 3:30 to get veggie stuff from the tofu truck and pick up James to go climbing. We had grilled cheese with fries and tomato soup for supper and now are chilling for the rest of the night.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I went to get Spence up at 8:30 this morning and he rolled over and said he was achy all over. He slept till 10:30 and then said he was still sick.

We opted for a reading / DVD day and canceled drum lessons and climbing. He took a nap this afternoon and continued to chill.

By the time James came home, he was ready to get out and do something and so I let him play some video games and chat with his buddies online.

Tomorrow we're back at it.

Monday, June 07, 2010

After breakfast, we read Iliad, Chosen, Ranger and silent reading. He continued with writing, math (multiplying fractions), spelling and drums.

Spence got ready and we left to do recycling, exchange an iPad and stop at a few game stores to check out used games for Spence. I also bought a new Bodum for my loose leaf tea - it works great!

We arrived at Chinook for our movie with Amy, Jacob & Chris just when we were supposed to and went to Prince of Persia. Amy and I loved it (ok, the guy eye candy helped) and the boys said it was 'predictable' - that's ok, it was a good family film (no kissy kissy until the very end and very clean for words). We then decided to walk the mall as we had time and stopped at virtually every store in the mall.

We went to find a best buy on the way home, but couldn't find it. We then headed to Millennium Park for a skate board....but by the time we arrived and got ready it was raining pretty steady. James arrived about 5 minutes after us and so we decided we'd call it a day and head home.

Tonight it was home made fettuccine with sauce (James had mushroom & garlic and Spence / I had a spicy tomato).

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Saturday and Sunday we just chilled. I had planned to do my garden, but as it rained on Saturday, I left it to today and then was too busy with making pasta and bread to do the garden.

So a very quiet weekend.