Friday, June 04, 2010

Spence got up and promptly took the ipad and started to read....2.5 hrs later.....I interrupted him so that he could eat lunch (he had a light breakfast while glued to the book). We then read the Iliad, Chosen, Ranger and did our math quiz, spelling quiz, planning for next week and then ran out of time.

We got ready and left for swim lessons and made it just as the class was starting. While the kids did their lesson, I showed Kelly the iPad and what it could do.

We finished at the pool and headed downtown to pick up James before climbing. We arrived at the gym and had a fun climb. We went out for Sushi - yummy. We finished and headed to Lina's for some plumb butter & cookies. We found cases of our flavoured soda water and bought that too (cheaper than in Safeway even).

We got home, chilled and watched taped PVR shows for the rest of the night.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Today was a good day overall. Spence watched a show on Da Vinci, then we read the Iliad, Chosen, Ranger, updated his budget, and he did his silent reading. He had lunch then (fish nachos) and we moved to math (adding and subtracting fractions) and spelling. We made brownies and then he practiced guitar, drums and did his writing exercise.

We then hurried to get to grama's as we were late. They were going to Shrek and having fun together. I went to my client's and took James home with me when I was done.

James and I stopped at Milestone's for supper and then went to the Apple store to pick up our laptops. Spencer's was fixed, but mine is home until the parts come in. We were waiting around and we decided to get James his Father's Day pressy - a new iPad (just the wifi model). We got groceries and headed home.

The iPad is pretty cool - it has educational apps, it's a digital picture frame, it has skype, games, etc.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Today after breakfast, Spence decided to start with Science. We were reading about coal power and that Alberta is powered primarily with coal (80%) - didn't know that.

Then we read the Iliad, Chosen, Ranger and then I left for the Apple store. Spencer's laptop needed a new battery which was still under warranty and the computer kept over heating. My laptop needed a new dvd drive, as it wouldn't read dvds all the time and would also be near 100f.

While I was out, Spence did his drum practice and he read and finished up his laundry. When I got home, we had lunch, he did his guitar practice, writing, math (adding & subtracting fractions....seems we did this a little while back) and spelling.

We got ready then and headed off to park day. We arrived just after the start and stayed until 4:15 when we went to pick up James in Kensington. We hit the climbing store on the way home, as I needed a more comfortable pair of shoes (I have the one pair that kill me when I climb, but are great to dig into those little toe holds...the second pair I have, I inherited from Spence and they are just a touch too big to be too useful). I got a pair that I liked (purple and black) and both James and I found some Marino wool shirts and long underwear on sale. It is the lighter weight, so great for the spring and fall for me and winter for James.

We got home and had scrounge night as we had lots of left overs.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Today after breakfast, Spence continued doing his laundry and watching A History of Alchemy. We read Iliad, Chosen and the Ranger series (we have started on Book 3). We had lunch and then Spence did his reading, math, spelling, writing and guitar.

Spence had a bit of time before drum lessons and decided to keep reading. After drums, we went to get James' dry cleaning and then picked up James in Kensington on the way to climbing.

We did a practice climb (with PVC pipes and marbles - the pipes to keep our arms straight and the marbles to keep our feet quiet) and then went to the bouldering wall for some fun.

We got home and had home made tortillas with cheese (quesadillas) and Spence had pink salmon tacos.

I left at 7:30 to pick siding colours - took till 10pm, but we're done. We've got two sets we like and will let the owners pick from.

Monday, May 31, 2010

James was still sick today and decided it was best to stay in bed and at home. After breakfast, Spence watched Ancient Discoveries - Computers...we figured out the first robots were made about 150 years or so before the first computers - a great show though.

We read the Iliad, Chosen and Ranger next and we moved onto Spelling, math and writing. We had lunch and then Spence played with his drums before we headed off to the hairdresser's.

Spence got his hair fixed - from a Dorthy Hamel look to a boy cut, although Jennifer (the stylist) said that she couldn't do too much with what she had to work with for style. Suggested he wait 2 weeks after he thought his hair was long before he came back, so she could actually style it. I got my hair trimmed and coloured for the summer. We got home in time to make supper (hashbrown casserole and veggie chicken) before I headed to the library to drop off and pick up books.

As James was still not well, we canceled guitar lessons tonight.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday we headed off to Canmore after everyone had breakfast. We delivered a new tv to my mom (hers broke) and some other bulk items. The boys went off for a walk, while I finished setting everything up.

We had lunch at the Grizzly Paw (great suggestion by Spence). I had butternut squash soup and a salad that I split with James, who had a veggie burger and fries (which he split with Spence) who had hot wings. Overall - good lunch.

We stopped off at the store and bought some pop to replenish our supplies and then the flower store to get grama some flowers to help her feel better.

We chilled for the rest of the day, once we got home.

Today, we stayed home - James has got some sort of stomach flu and has been in and out of bed since yesterday afternoon. Spence chilled with his buddies online and I went out to give grama her flowers, get a new mixer (still not sure if I'm keeping it) and put together our new cabinet from IKEA (which we love).

We had lasagna for supper tonight (it turned out great) and we chilled for the rest of the night.