Friday, May 28, 2010

Today, Spence finished off The Real Robin Hood by History Channel. We read the Iliad, the Chosen, and the Ranger.

We had lunch, did math, spelling, science (thermal energy) and finally writing and reading.

While Spence finished off with guitar and drums I walked the dog. We got packed up and headed off to the pool for swim lessons.

Kelly and I headed to the hot tub today, while the boys were in lessons and then we had to scoot off to make it downtown from Airdrie before 4pm. We picked up James and headed to the climbing gym for our lesson.

Today we worked on straight arms, climbing down the wall and hip / bum movement. James did really well - good hip and arm movement and he kept his knees bent. Spence did well on arm movement, but still needs to work on his feet. I needed all over help :) We used PVC tubes to keep our arms straight - very hard to bend your arms with PVC pipes around them. It was a great workout for all of us and we have tones to work on over the next two weeks in addition to our original home work from two weeks ago.

We opted not to do sushi tonight (our original plan) and went home for home made fried rice. We plan to eat out tomorrow in Canmore instead at our favorite place - Grizzly Paw.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spence had breakfast and then watched Ancient Discoveries - War. We read the Chosen, he updated his budget, we read the Iliad, the Ranger and did spelling. We moved onto math, writing and lunch before heading out for a trim.

I left for Ikea, Walmart, Best Buy and a client meeting and Spence went home and did drums, guitar & reading.

I did well until I went to pick James up at work - I left at 4:30 and we didn't get out of downtown until 5:30 - so that's about a 10 block distance - 1 hour! This is why we don't drive downtown during rush hour.

Now it's time to chill as we watch the snow fall - again!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well, I let Spence sleep in today and he was up before 9am. He had breakfast and started to read and just kept on reading.

He read until 10:30, then he said he'd like to have a reading day and talked with his buddies during our lunch break - that was pretty much it.

He literally read from 9am until nearly 2pm with a few breaks in between to chat with friends and to eat lunch.

We left around 2 for the mall and he went into the games store to find out how to play war hammer. The guy was really good at explaining the game and rules and at the end offered to sell Spence the whole beginner set for only - $ left thinking about it, but not setting any cash down. He still has over $250 from his xmas & bd money, but decided he didn't want to spend it on this new game.

We then headed to the skate park and waited for James to come from work. Spence skateboarded for about an hour and then we headed home.

The boys went to Sakana for dinner (decided I was the big cost when we went out - somehow when we all go it's like $60 - $70 and when the two of them went - $25! - I think they just order more when I'm there), I got ready for the board meeting - it was my once a year turn to host.

Everyone came around 6:30 and the colour consultant came to show us some options. You know, generally I am a person who likes brown - but I am hesitant to paint 74 townhomes chocolate brown with off-white trim. Not sure I'll have any say in it though as everyone else seemed to like it. We then got down to business as it were and with seven members, it takes a long time....2.5 hours. We're really trying to keep it at 2 hours, so our President will have to manage the time for our next board meeting. We didn't have this problem before as it was only 4 - 5 people at any meeting.

The boys were very nice about having people invade our home for several hours and even the dog behaved. Now it's off to bed for everyone.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

James decided to ride his bike into work today. He forgot a few things and so I dropped them off on my way to Sunnyside.

I was planning on going to Sunnyside later on in the day, but what can you do. I left Spence watching some science and history DVDs (Blue Realm & Secrets of the Parthenon). He did his writing and reading and then it was time to read the Ranger series and a new book - Chosen. We're not sure if we like it yet.

The it was math, spelling and guitar time. While he did those, I finished some chores and got some sandwiches ready for after drum lessons.

We went to drum lessons and then dropped off the video game grama rented for Spence (so it wouldn't be late), picked up dry cleaning and library books before heading to the comic book store to meet James.

We headed off to the climbing wall and practiced 'quiet' the 3rd run each - Spence was all arms, I was making lots of noise and James made it up a wall - he always had trouble he finished off well. I continued to climb on the bouldering wall for a little bit and then we headed home for supper.

Tonight - Spence had tacos and we had perogies. We finished off with chocolate rustic pie and watched the Big Bang Theory season finale.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Today we had a resty day. James and I worked on the basement cleanout project a bit, along with the clean the garage project .... it is getting better, but still not there yet.

Spence, played video games and chilled out with us all day. James and I enjoyed the back patio and read outside until we decided we had too much sun, then went inside to read.

I made pizza for supper and some rustic chocolate pie. I made two pies - one for my girls 'death by chocolate' night out and one for us.

The girls night out was lots of fun - lots of chocolate. Very fun evening overall.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yesterday, our neighbour across the street is having a garage sale and people parked on our lawn, in our driveway (blocking us) and in general all over the road. He tried to keep people from doing that but it was next to impossible.

James found out he couldn't fit his new bike on the old rack and I hated the old rack as it scratched my pretty green bike - so I was all for buying a new bike rack that wouldn't scratch my we have a great new 4 bike, bike rack that allows the bikes to sit on a platform instead of hanging off the back. Love the new rack. James then went off with his buddy for a ride at Nose Hill Park.

Then Spence got picked up by Donna (bless her heart) for his sleep over. Jonathan is having an early BD party and Spence went to their place for a sleep over. The boys played and played and around midnight - they snuck more cake and she heard them whispering and giggling past 3 in the morning....she was so tired this morning she asked if she could go take a nap before I came to pick up Spence.

After we walked the dog last night, James and I went off to Sakana's for supper and then we watched a bunch of movies. Today he got up at 6:30 and asked if I wanted to get up too....not!

He left for his mountain bike ride (2nd of the weekend) at Nose Hill around 7:30. I got up at around 8am (too much light in the room) and had my coffee and read my emails and news feeds until he got home.

He's off for a bath now with some Epsom salt to relieve his sore muscles and I'm off to walk the dog before picking up Spence.

Not much else planned for the weekend. The bathroom is finally put together again and now Spence and I will start to work on his bedroom.