Friday, May 21, 2010

Well everyone got up today and we were all feeling 'blah'. Not sure if we've got allergies, colds or what - but icky was the right word for us this morning.

Spence started with Ancient Discoveries - Doctor to the Gladiators, which covered a doctor from 2,000 years ago - who invented medical instruments, wrote about procedures, etc and generally seemed to be a genius. He even wrote about how to perform brain surgery and they found evidence of these procedures being done, some 1,800 years ago. The medical instruments he invented are still used today. It was very cool.

Spence then did his planning for next week, math quiz, spelling quiz and then we read more of the Iliad and the Ranger series.

Currently in the Iliad, Hector the prince and protector of Troy was killed by Achilles and then Achilles was killed by Paris (the oaf who stole Helen in the first place and he seemed up to this point to be a total coward). Achilles was buried next to his best friend who had also died during the war with Troy.

It was time to set the laundry going (yes, he's still doing his laundry from the beginning of the week - if he ever tells you he doesn't have anything to wear, it is because it is in a massive laundry pile!) and to tidy up.

We had lunch and then he practiced guitar, drums and did his silent reading and writing. We packed up for swimming and he took a quick break, while I popped over to the post office to pick up our German language CD.

We got to swim lessons with about 3 minutes to spare and Spence got his mid-class progress report. Unfortunately, even after I had registered him in level 6 and confirmed the correct level with a note the instructor (it's a multilevel class) he was given a report card for a level that he has already finished! I went to the instructor and asked what was going on and she said she didn't realize he was supposed to be in level 6 and would give me a mid-session report next week. I will be complaining to the facility at this point as he wasn't instructed during the first 3 weeks in the right level and so now - how will he pass the level I paid for and he was supposed to take with only three classes left? Hm....this has not been a good experience. The pool is great, but this multilevel thing apparently does not work well. Another mom was saying this is the 3rd time they are doing this and it will be the last if they screwed up again.

We had planned to go climbing after we picked up James, but were all just too wiped and so we went to Best Buy and got some DVDs on sale. We decided on scrounge night - we usually have pizza, but I felt like having a hot dog (veggie of course), Spence wanted pizza pockets and James wanted a burger - we all wanted fries. So we all ended up being happy :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spence started with two episodes of Ancient Discoveries this morning - tank technology from the middle ages and then Alexandrian automatons and robots. Both shows were very cool, although I preferred the Alexandrian one. They had automatic doors (like our mall doors that slide open when you come up to the sensor), they had coin holy water stations (like a pop machine, but for holy water at the temple), automatic fire, fortune telling robot birds - all very cool.

We then did our Chapter 1 review for math, writing, spelling, drums, guitar, silent reading, Iliad and the Ranger series. We had rushed through all of this without any breaks so we could head to the movie theatre on time and without any homework hanging over our heads.

We went to see Robin Hood with grama today and I loved it, I think both grama & Spence enjoyed it and Spence made the appropriate kissy kissy noises. The movie seems to have been set up for sequels and I loved Russel Crow as Robin Hood.

I went to get groceries and some baskets for the bathroom cabinet and grama & Spence headed off to do their own thing.

I am still working on the cabinet doors - not happy with them yet, but the rest of the bath is done....door on, toilet paper holder screwed into the wall, towel hanger hung, stuff put away - door knob even added.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today was going to be busy and so Spence and I decided I'd get him up early. He was done his math, spelling and we read the Iliad and the Ranger series before I had to leave to meet with a client.

Spence continued with his Italian, silent reading, writing, drums & guitar before getting ready for park day.

I had prepared his stuff for lunch and we were ready to go by 1:30. We were a bit late for the start of park day, but we still had plenty of time for playing.

We left when it started to rain, near 4pm and got home to walk the dog and get ready to head back out to meet up with James.

I dropped off the truck downtown with James and left Spence with him. They went to Salt & Pepper for supper, while I headed out with two of my friends for a catch up supper, which we ate at Atlas.

When I got home, I finished with the bathroom touch ups and tomorrow the door goes back on so we can start to use the half bath again - yay! the cabinet doors still need to be finished, but it's getting closer.
Yesterday, after breakfast - Spence did his budgeting. He's trying to earn some extra cash for a new game. He decided he'd do all of his laundry for $5 (good deal on my part as there were three overflowing baskets full of clothing and towels).

Then we read, and he watched Blue Realm Sharks, which was a great show. We had lunch and then he did his spelling, writing, silent reading, guitar and math (addition and subtraction of positive and negative numbers).

I headed off to the foot doc while he had a break to see why my toe nail seemed to not be happy and it's due to my climbing shoes....which he said was normal, so just keep the nails as short as possible. So good to go.

I got home and I cleaned up a bit of my paint supplies as I had painted the door trim and door again - trying to get the green to go away. We then packed up and headed out for drum lessons.

We picked up dry cleaning and library books on the way home and we decided it was time to clean up. We tidied up the house and made supper from stuff in the fridge and freezer and then settled in for the night.

James was out with grama for a concert and so Spence and I watched some TV and he played with his buddies while I read a bit.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yesterday, Spence decided to start by reading and watching Mythbusters. The Mythbusters had a cool myth about a bullet that would ricochet and hit you instead....took them several tries and special gadgets, but they did it :)

Then we read the Iliad, Courage and the Ranger series and by then we were both starved and so we opted for an early lunch. Then it was time for sit ups, push ups and stretching - which rolled into spelling and writing.

We then did some math, drum practice and finally a break and another snack. We left for the bottle depot and when we got back I continued to paint the bathroom - the door frame refuses to not show the green through the white.

After some more break time we left for climbing practice and then came home for spaghetti. I left shortly after dinner to meet up with my homeschool moms for coffee and we didn't head home until 11:30 - no idea either as we were in Denny's and busy talking. We had a great time though catching up and chatting.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

James enjoying a butter tart after supper

Today James got up and headed out with his buddies to do some mountain biking, while Spence and I slept in.

We were up and at it by 8:30 and I got ready to do the bathroom painting and electrical and Spence just chilled.

James came home before 3pm and we got ready to head to grama & grampa's for supper around 4.

Had a great dinner - turkey (for the boys), brussel sprouts & turnips for Maty & me and mashed potatoes for everyone - there were a few other tidbits but those were the highlights. We had crackers and cheese for an appy and we finished off with butter tarts and chocolate ice cream.

We left shortly after dinner as James was sore and stiff from his ride and we plan on heading to bed early.