Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today we all got up fairly early for us on a Saturday and the boys decided on a bike ride instead of a skate board today.

I headed off for an emergency board meeting to vote on painting, siding repair and sewer backup fixes and that ended up taking 2.5 hrs! The boys went on their ride while I was in the board meeting.

We all chilled after that - James and I on the patio and Spence with his buddies. We had bought Avatar and watched that with Chinese & Vietnamese which we ordered in for supper.

Overall a pretty good Saturday.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Today after breakfast, it was time for spelling quiz & math quiz. We read the Illiad, then a new book Courage (about a Polynesian boy who left his village) and then the Ranger series.

Then it was history and science time then. He did his guitar, drums and packed for swimming. We had lunch and then did his writing, planning and budget update.

We got ready for swimming and headed off. Once we were done, we headed downtown to meet up with James and head to the climbing wall for a practice climb.

We finished and headed home to have our Friday pizza night. We watched our taped shows and then chilled for the rest of the night.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

After breakfast, we continued reading the Illiad and then the Ranger series (book II). Spence wanted to catch up on his DVDs and so he watched Sharkwater on Discovery. He had seen it before, but loved it and watched it again - he was again outraged that anyone would want to hunt the shark for their fins. Totally against going to vacation in any land that allows long line fishing and shark fin fishing.

After the show, he did his writing, reading and Latin. He's way ahead of me in Latin and so I couldn't help him when he was asking questions....guess I'll have to do extra homework and catch up.

We had lunch and then he did his math (which is integers still - multiplying & dividing) and spelling. He finished off with drums & guitar and cleaned his room a bit.

We found his phone this morning - it was tucked in the truck in the seat pocket in the 2nd row of seats. We charged it and now we're good to go again.

We also finished taking apart our half bath and I patched the wall (a hole 5"x5" was left when I took out the old toilet roll holder)....hopefully paint by Monday (will have to put the putty compound on several time to make the wall sturdy again).

Grama came at 2pm and they left to go to a movie and then dinner at grama's house. I left to do errands. Picked up two books for Spence at Fairs Fair (finally using up my credit there). Went to the pet store and got food for Hunter. Got marbles and baggies for climbing. Dropped stuff off at the library, went to Superstore to get a bunch of big items and then to Safeway to get some stuff I couldn't get at Superstore....finally nearly 5pm and I made it home.

I took Hunter for his walk and stopped by the vet's to get his meds (we're almost out) and then finished off his walk with some play time in the park.

Dinner for James and me tonight is - grilled cheese sandwiches with steak fries. Simple and fast - but should hit the spot.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

After breakfast, we read the Illiad and Messenger. Then it was time for spelling, math & Italian. I headed off to visit a client and Spence finished off with drums, guitar and writing.

When I got home, we ate lunch and headed off to park day. We stayed until 4:30 and then went to Home Depot to get the bathroom stuff we needed for the reno. We picked up James in Kensington on the way home and then had Tater Tot Chili for supper.

We are looking for Spencer's phone - it is somewhere in the house, we just don't know where. The battery must have died as we can't hear it ring when we call.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Relaxing before our climbing class

After breakfast, Spence did his reading, guitar and then asked for a second breakfast. We read the Messenger and the Ranger series after the 2nd breakfast. We continued to read until lunch - which was a 3rd bowl of soup....he's HUNGRY today. He did his spelling, math, writing and finished off with cleaning his room.

We were going to do Italian today, but opted to move it back t its regular day (Wed) as he wanted an hour or so before drum lessons.

We tidied up a bit, I made the basics for our supper and got organized for drum lessons. We plan to go for a climbing lesson at 4:30 and so we packed all that stuff in the truck as well.

Tonight is taco tuesday - so we have home made burrito shells, fajita fixings, shredded cheese and ice cream to top it all off.

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Fort in Spencer's Bedroom

I woke up at 6 ready to go back to sleep. Finally crawled out at 6:30 and James had been up for a good half hour already.

Spence got up at 8:15 and he was as bad as I was....wanted to just crawl back into bed. We decided after breakfast we'd read and go from there.

We read the messenger, the Illiad, the Ranger series and finally after a snack, he was ready for school to begin. He read his book for a good half hour and then did his writing.

He then had lunch and did his spelling and drums. He took a quick break and we did math. He cleaned his room and got ready to head out to get the stuff at the store.

We went to the library, Best Buy for a DVD (Avatar) and a video game, and Walmart for a few things.

We got home in time to head out to Jacob's for the boys to 'hang out'. We left Jacob's house when James was on the train heading home.

I dropped off Spence, picked up James and then James and I walked the dog and got supper organized. I had made mashed potatoes and veggie chicken melts earlier and so we warmed those up and got organized for music lessons tonight.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Today it was a chill day. I made pancakes for my mother's day breakfast. We walked the dog and went to pick Spence up.

We decided to go to Market Mall and got my pants from getting altered and the boys went to EB to see if there were any used games.

We got home, chilled some more. Made BBQ salmon for the boys, and bean soup for me. I also made some pasta for Spence and we decided to watch Iron Man for our movie tonight.