Saturday, May 08, 2010

On Friday after spelling & math quiz, we read the Illiad, finished the gathering blue and moved onto the Ranger.

Spence then updated his checking account and planned out next week. He continued with reading, writing, drums & guitar. He had a break and then he cleaned his part of the house and we had lunch.

He had a break until swim time and then around 1:30 we left for swim lessons in Airdrie. We are trying a new pool, it's pretty nice - a slide, big lazy river, lane pool, kids pool, dive tank and hot tub.

We got home with Sam around 3:45 and they played until 4, when I had to get ready to leave to pick up James at the train station.

We had pizza for supper and I tried making buns (which turned out).

Today, we headed to Cochrane to their skate park and I got some great pics. We stopped in at a skate shop for wrist guards and I got a pair of new snow pants for next year on sale. We had ice cream at McKay's after as a treat and then headed home to relax until supper.

For supper, we headed out with grama & grampa to Rush for Mother's Day dinner. We headed over a bit early, so that we could have drinks and have Spence leave his stuff there (he's sleeping over). We went to Rush and had a great supper. Now its relax time and tomorrow sleep in for mother's day.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

It was an easy school day - getting back into it from the vacation mode. We decided it was best to start with reading...the Gathering Blue, then the Illiad and then we moved onto math.

In math we're doing some stuff that I don't ever remember applying outside the text book and tests. Then it was spelling and writing and lunch.

We read the ranger series and did Italian and finally he practiced his guitar & drums. He cleaned his room and we got ready to head to Chapters for some missing books in the series he was reading.

We chilled for a good half hour before we headed to the comic book store to meet up with James and go to the climbing gym.

We climbed for a half hour and then headed home for supper, which was pasta and tomato sauce.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

So today was our last vacation day. We got up fairly early (James at 6:30 thinking it was 7:30 and me at 7). Spence of course, slept in till 9am.

We had breakfast, walked the dog, chilled and after lunch - Spence and I headed over to Jonathan's house and James got some 'me' time.

Tonight it was rice & stir fry and watching some Wednesday shows.

Elk in Banff by the hotel (May 02)

Curious baby deer, looking to see what Hunter actually was
James trying to be as still as possible and take pics of the elk

Canmore skatepark (May 01st)

It's cold, but they are having fun anyways

Spence doing a trick on his skateboard

Dad (James) is into skateboarding as much as Spence is

Even Hunter got into watching the guys
Spence taking a break with the dog and me, while James does just one more ride

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Today, we got up and headed to the hot tub for the last time during our visit.  Spence opted to stay in the room and skip the last soak.

We left around 10:30 and headed to Canmore to visit with Baka.  Baka had wanted a visit from Spence as a mother's day gift and we were happy to oblige.  It was a great little visit and after we left, we headed home on the old highway.

Besides the large number of sheep on the road, it kept getting colder and snowier as we got closer to Calgary.  We decided to chill for the day and made pizza and snacks for supper. 

One more vacation day for all of us - the last one is going to be a stay-cation, which we plan to enjoy.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Today was fun - James got up early and went to the gym.  We both had a quick breakfast and headed off for a morning walk with Hunter - we spotted lots of Elk & one baby deer.  The deer was interested in Hunter, but James scared it off by moving out of its way.

We headed off towards town and did lots of walking, shopping and waiting for each other.  We found out most stores accept dogs in them and we headed to Eddie Burger for lunch.  That was a great burger joint.  You customize your burger and sides.

Then it was back to the hotel to swim outside while it snowed in 104 degree water - talk about great.  It was lots of fun and after a half hour or so, we headed inside to the hot tub (which was cooler than the outside pool). 

We got to our room, walked the dog and decided we were all still too full to go out for supper and too tired.  We ended up going to the cafe and grabbing some stuff and ordering from room service.  Food was great, and it was very relaxing.

Now its time to chill and tomorrow we head home.
Sunday, we went to Canmore first thing.  The boys went skateboarding at the new skate park in Canmore.  We stopped off at Baka's for a quick drop off of medications.  We then headed off to Banff for our mini-vacation. 

We arrived at the Banff Springs Hotel a little early, but they had our room ready and it was nice enough for us to not move rooms.  The only complaint - the TV is a small 21" tube TV.

We had a great meal last night at the Japanese restaurant in the hotel and we went swimming in both the indoor and outdoor pools (I went only in the outdoor pool - which is 104 degrees).

We chilled for the rest of the night and woke up this morning pretty refreshed.  I have lots of pics to post later today and tomorrow.