Saturday, May 01, 2010

Today after we all got up, James and I walked the dog and had a pretty leisurely day.  We headed to M&Ms to get supper stuff and AMA to get a new park pass and finally to the guitar store to get Spence a guitar tuner as he keeps stealing James'.

We got home and relaxed on the deck in 13 degree weather - no wind, lots of sun, good nap time.

I packed some of our stuff for our trip to Banff and then started on supper - home made french garlic bread, double stuffed potatoes, Caesar salad with home made dressing.  We bought steak & lobster at M&M and also tried their vegi burger (which is great) and we got our dessert there (the lava cakes they have).

Gregg & Kelly came over around 5:30 and we got supper on the table and had a great visit with them. 

Friday, April 30, 2010

After breakfast, we did our math quiz, spelling quiz and read the Illiad.  We started on Gathering Blue, the 2nd book in the Lois Lowry series we're reading.  Spence did his science experiments on me today - from his YES magazine, the science behind magic.  We did a pick a number and a vanishing coin.  The pick a number worked great, the vanishing coin....not so much.

He did his silent reading and then guitar & drum practice.  He did some writing, we planned for next week and updated his budget.  We cleaned the house quickly and I made lunch while we cleaned.  We ate our lunch and packed up for swim lessons.

We headed to recycling first, then the library at which time we got a call from the pool....saying that they screwed up and the lessons are starting next week as the last sessions lessons are still going on today.  So we headed home and chilled until it was time to pick up James.

I made wings & pizza for Spencer's dinner and a pizza for James & me for a snack before we headed to his company's end of tax season party.  The food was so-so at the party, but they did sumo wrestling for entertainment and man was that funny.  The suits were huge and the staff seemed to be having a good time banging into each other.  We left by around 9:30 and headed home.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

After breakfast we decided to read the Giver and as we were really into it, we finished the book.  Then we read more of the Illiad and Spence did his silent reading.  We did our Latin after that and had lunch.  Spence did some more war hammer figure painting for art and then he continued to edit his short story.  We did his spelling and then he worked on math - today it was re-writing equations in numeric format and then back into a written format. 

He practiced guitar and drums and got ready for Jacob coming over for a play.  When Jacob left, we walked the dog and I hopped over to pick James up from Chapters.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

After the Deadliest Warrior (Alexander the Great), we read the Giver, the Illiad and Spence did his War Hammer warrior painting. 

During lunch, we also did history and then he did his reading, guitar, writing, spelling, math, drums and finally he picked what science experiment he wanted to do later this week.

We took the dog for a walk - it was going to be a big long walk, but we only lasted 20 minutes out in the wind and snow (sleet).  We chilled until I ordered supper from our Chinese restaurant next door and picked up James.

Quick supper for me and then off to the annual general meeting for our condo complex, while the boys relaxed at home. 

We watched Modern Family and the boys were laughing hard, because the mom was me they said.  I didn't see the similarity though :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today was a good school day - we did spelling, math, reading, writing, we read the Illiad and the Giver and Spence practiced guitar and then we headed for drum lessons.

We finished off with Home Depot to grab a 5 gallon paint pail of the colour we're doing our rooms in.  I dropped off Spence and continued to the library, dry cleaners and Rona (to return an item). 

Got home, made supper - we had home made tortillas, refried beans (the home made ones were icky - so I hopped over to Safeway to get a canned version), fixings and nachos.  A good dinner overall.

Monday, April 26, 2010

fake smile and all - happy to be working on his latest art project

Busy gluing his army guys together

Army guy  - top half painted
Today, Spence was up and ready to go by the time I got home from dropping off James.

He started with a DVD on Alexander the Great and continued with math, writing and reading.  We continued with the Giver, Illiad (both versions - adult poetry & kids version) and spelling.  We decided he wasn't interested in the adult version of the Illiad (the poetry + old english words - were a tough comprehension piece).  He finished off with drums after lunch and then we headed off to Chinook to get him a warhammer figure set.

We got a set of five figures with paint, brush and glue for under $40 ($50 was his max) and so for art when we got back, he started putting together the figures.

We also stopped at Best Buy to get a new tiny camera.  We never replaced our old sony with a little point & shoot and so we thought we'd get one for this coming weekend in Banff.  Got a new sony with 720p high def camcorder for $230.  Very cool.

I made chili for supper - so that's good to go and our other excitement was that I got my replacement phone.  My blackberry is dying (the battery won't stay charged) and so Roger's sent a new one....which wouldn't boot up and stay on.  So I sent it back and they are sending me a new one (this will be phone #4 within a year....currently I am not a blackberry fan).

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yesterday, James went to work pretty early and I took apart our bathroom shower curtain.  Replaced it with a shower rod and curtains.

We just chilled today, after coming back from the Comic Book Expo.  We stopped off to get some stuff for James at the stake board shop and at the Italian store for our suppers this week.

Pretty easy weekend.