Friday, April 23, 2010

Spence started with Lost Worlds today - about Jekyll / Hyde.  We moved onto our weekly spelling & math quizzes.  He took a small break and we continued with the Illiad and the Giver.  He did his planning and updated his checking account. 

We both had lunch and then he did his story editing.  He practiced guitar and drums and got ready for Jonathan to come over.  Jonathan and Donna came over around 1:30 and the boys had a great time playing.

When they left, I made pizza for the boys and pita bread for me to go with my salad. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spence got up early today and had two bowls of soup, while I took James to the train station.  Joe our facilitator was coming today, so we switched up our schedule and did school after he left.

We had a great visit and Spence played drums for him and showed off his handy work in the bathroom.  When Joe had left, we decided it needed to be an easy day to celebrate finishing Grade 7 officially and as an additional celebration we're going out for supper at Pulcinnella's.

We started with the Giver, went on to the Illiad, then read some more history (Australian aborigines today) and reviewed variables in math.  We were both starved by this time and decided to take a break for lunch.  We continued with history after lunch and he finished his current book for silent reading.  He took a break and then we went on to do spelling, writing and finally he's working on guitar & drum practice currently.

Once we're done, he's going to relax a bit and get ready for supper out.  Overall a very good day.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spence got up at 6:45 this morning - so I sent him back to bed.  After he got up, he decided to watch Legend Hunters while he had breakfast.  We read through a bunch of versions of the Illiad and listened to two audio books (neither of which we liked) and none of them actually had the 'story' - they were mainly commentaries on the we ended up with the childrens version and went back to the library online to look for other copies.

We then started on the Giver - which we read in Grade 4, but liked.  It's part of the Grade 8 novel options for the Alberta program of studies.  We had lunch and then Spence read some more on his own.  We then continued with his math - order of operations still and then his spelling, writing, Italian and then a break.    He then practiced his guitar, drums and got ready for our 'hang out' - k - I really don't like that, need to find another phrase, that doesn't scream little kid. 

We then went to Erik's place - the boys played for 2 hours outside with their swords and shields.  Nicole and I had coffee and worked on a client.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

After breakfast, Spence researched the Human Body and its pressure points.  He continued with spelling quiz, math - order of operations today and writing.  He finished with guitar and had break, while we heated up our lunch. 

We headed over to Sam's house to 'hang out' - apparently he's too old for 'play dates' and now we do 'hanging out with friends'.  They ran around, played with War Hammer figures and generally had a good time outside.  We left around 2:30 and headed to drum lessons.

We finished that off and ran our errands, finally heading home around 4pm.  I took the dog for a walk and Spence took stuff in the house and then I headed off to pick up James from the train. 

Tonight we had taco Tuesday and the boys did Lego after supper.

Monday, April 19, 2010

After breakfast, Spence decided it was a whole day of school day (in otherwords - he planned on lots of breaks).  He started with a show on Odysseus, then read while I was out picking up the beetle, which required a new battery (first one for us, so all good).

I got home and we continued with math, writing, Silent Boy (which we finished today) and his spelling quiz.  We worked on Spencer's food science experiment - trying to replicate the Burger King Buffalo sauce - we got close, but couldn't figure out the missing ingredient....mayo, frank's hot sauce and we think it has a ranchy type flavour - maybe it's mayo type salad dressing...we'll try when I get more ingredients.  We figured out it wasn't french, thousand, or we'll have to keep trying.

He took a break and then did his drums, cleaned his space and I started on the ice cream.  We are making Chili for dinner and we thought ice cream would be a great finish.

The only thing we have left is to go out and whack the ball around a bit at the tennis court.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yesterday, James went to work and both Spence and I slept in till 8:30 and then hung out around the house.  My phone had started to die and so I was on the phone with rogers (through skype, because my cell wasn't cooperating) getting them to issue me a new phone.  This one is about 9 months old.

We had appies for supper - bruschetta with toast, nachos, wraps, dumplings, cheese sticks and brownies.

Today we all slept in and sat out on the patio as it was still nice and warm (18 degrees again) and chilled all day.  Very nice and quiet - lots of reading time. 

Spence had made a fort out of his bedroom - it's all blankets & pillows and has been in there almost all day, playing with his online buddies various pretend games.

For supper, we had hash-brown casserole for James and me and twice baked potatoes for Spence along with some veggie stuff.  We finished off the last of the orange sherbert tonight and so we can go ahead and try a new recipe for chocolate ice cream this week.  Love the ice cream maker.