Friday, April 16, 2010

Only 6 weeks to finish this reno - the bath is now done and being put back together. 

Ed Worthy Park

Today, we did a math quiz, spelling quiz, read silent boy, watched a Legend Hunter about Ogo Pogo (sp?).  Spence then did his reading, writing, planning for next week, updated his budget & checking account.  He did his guitar, took a break for lunch and finished off with his drums.  He had another snack and we left for park day.

It was a great 18 degrees and sunny and the kids had a great time burying each other in recycled tire bits.  We got home around 4 and cleaned the house.  I headed off to do groceries before picking up James at the train station and then we made pizza for supper.

Very relaxing evening ahead of us.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Well - Shoot.  I forgot to post for most of this week.

Tuesday, both Spence and I were sick.  We took a sick day - spent watching DVD's and reading.  Not much exciting there - I ended up going to bed on 7 and Spence went to be at 9. 

On Wednesday, we were both feeling better - but decided to take another day easy.  He did his science & history and then I read Silent Boy and he did his silent reading (more Diaries of a Wimpy Kid) and then we both did our Italian.  He did his math quiz, spelling quiz and then we had lunch.

He finished off with writing, guitar and drums and headed off to Home Depot to get the last of our bath reno supplies.

Today - Spence decided to start with Silent Boy, then moved to a math quiz, spelling quiz, reading, writing, drums & guitar.  We had a quick break and headed out to do our chores and watch Clash of the Titans.  We got his new belt fixed (added holes so he could actually wear it - it was too big), library to return some books, dry cleaner to drop off some shirts and Burger King for a lunch treat.  We watched Clash of the Titans in '3-D'.  It was pretty good. 

We got home, did some hole drilling and putting up towel bars, etc and then headed off to pick up James at the train station.  We then went straight to Sakana for Japanese - it was also a good treat.  I dropped off the boys and headed off to meet Jen @ Starbucks.   It was a busy day today.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Today, Spence did his math quiz, spelling quiz and then read Silent Boy together.  He watched the History of Toys and we were floored by how some of the stuff got invented - it was sooo cool.

He did his reading, had a snack and then he practiced drums, did his writing and cleaned his room.  He decided he'd had enough of renovating his bathroom and so I did the trim - white and did touch ups.  I did some transplants of seedlings in the kitchen.  We had planned to go hit the ball around a bit, but it's been snowing all day.

Instead, I popped off to the recycling bins and dropped off our recycling, picked up some stuff at the library and took my new clothes into the tailor to have them all hemmed. 

Tonight we're having panini's for supper and then while the boys have Greg over for guitar, I'm heading over to Amy's for coffee with the girls.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Today was our rest at home day.  Had a great one....did nothing.  We had maui ribs & mashed potatoes for supper (James), homemade pizza (Spence), veggie ribs & mashed potatoes (me) - all around a nice relaxing way to end the weekend.