Saturday, April 10, 2010

We had decided to go to the big mall today - get Spence some new clothing and check out the sales.  We ended up getting Spence new shoes and several pairs of pants & shorts.  He's no longer into kids clothing and so the bill for his duds, cost me as much as for James.  Ah well.

I on the other hand got some great deals.  Paid $45 for 4 pairs of pants from Jones New York and used most of my gift certificate at Tommy Bahama (thanks again Helen & Leora) on some pants for the summer and a cute shirt.

We had lunch at a burger place in the mall - great burgers (veggie combo meal for James & I and Spence had a grilled chicken sandwich) and reasonably priced at $20 for the three of us. 

We also found some chairs for the guys to use while practicing guitar.  We've been looking for these for a few years and were happy to find them.  Spence got some new drum sticks in black and when he got home decided to practice with the new sticks for a while.  He's getting pretty good.

For supper we had scrounge - James had burgers again, Spence had another pizza and I had soup.  Now it's time to relax.

Friday, April 09, 2010

After breakfast, Spence watched the 2nd part of the Athens democracy show.  We then read Silent Boy and Spence did his silent reading.  We did the spelling and math quizzes and he planned his next week. 

He did some writing, art and updated his budget.  He practiced his drums, guitar and then took a break before helping with painting the bathroom.  We did the 3rd and last coat and cleaned up.  We have trim to do and touch ups, then cleaned the house. 

Spence took a break, while I got gas for the car and took our library books back.  We made brownies and bread and got the dough ready for pizza tonight.

We're pretty excited about his bathroom, it's actually looking decent now.  Can't wait to buy light fixtures and faucets to finish it up over the next week or two (home reno's take a long time, when you are doing them a bit at a time).

Thursday, April 08, 2010

The boys playing with their light sabers

This afternoon, the kids at the park.  15 degrees and balmy....

Now, it's snowing.
It started off as such a nice day.....

Spence and I read Silent Boy to start, then we did history, science and he watched a History Channel show on Athens - Democracy Part I (about the start of democracy). 

Then it was onto a math quiz, spelling quiz, silent reading, some copy writing, Italian, his drums and guitar.

We had a quick lunch and then headed off to the park.  We were going to go to the beach, but it looked a bit cold, there was a storm warning and Spence decided he'd rather not go if he couldn't play in the water.  So we went to the park and met up with a few moms who were going.  The kids had a good time, but by 2:30 - us mom's were pretty cold.  We left just before 3 and headed home.  We decided to walk the dog early, and glad we did.  The storm hit, just as James was riding home on his bike.  I met him at Ed Worthy and by then the wind was howling and the snow was coming down so fast that you had a hard time seeing.

We got home, the lights have been flickering - but so far, we still have power.  For supper - we made ginger beef, stir fry and rice.  We plan to chill tonight.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Today after breakfast, Spence did his math quiz, spelling quiz, reading, Silent Boy story, drums and by then Sam had come.

The boys played for a few hours, I painted and after lunch Spence headed off with grama for a movie, Sam went home and I caught up on some chores.

James got home before 5pm (you'd never know it was the middle of tax season), we had grilled cheese sandwiches for supper and I headed off to our condo board meeting, while the boys chilled.

The bathroom, now has its first coat of paint - tomorrow the 2nd coat goes on.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Today, Spence got up and decided he needed an 'off' day.  He suggested no video games as the trade up - so once that was settled, we settled into watching movies, history shows and reading. 

I did the second coat on the vanity and doors in the bathroom and I also taped the ceiling and tub so that we could paint tomorrow.  Still need to remove the door to paint tomorrow as well. 

We went to Spencer's drum lessons and dropped off library books and dry cleaning on the way home.  We got home, finished making supper - taco night and we made home made tortilla's, taco filling, spanish rice and left over ice cream. 

Monday, April 05, 2010

Today, Spence started off with History, Science, Silent Boy and then continued with a math quiz, spelling quiz, and then a quick break before continuing with a Manta Ray Discovery Channel show (off Blue Realm again) and the various fish that live off them and how they're very friendly cousins to sharks. 

Spence did some reading, had lunch, edited some pictures, did his copy writing and practiced drums.  We then got ready and went to the climbing gym - it was busy and in a half hour we ended up doing only three little bouldering climbs....we gave up and headed to Lina's (Italian store) for some mozza cheese.  The store was closed and so we headed home to do our painting.

Today we were painting the doors (it'll take us about 4 days to paint the doors - 2 coats each on each side) and the cabinet.  Tomorrow we'll give the cabinet a second coat and the door the first coat.  We'll also tape the rest of the bathroom in preparation for painting the rest of the bathroom.

We made a new loaf of bread (free form) using the new recipe I downloaded along with spaghetti.  The sauce was a tomato, garlic & basil for Spence and me and an olive oil & garlic for James.  James decided he needed more food and had perogies for his additional meal....which he probably needed given he rode to and from work and went to the gym and ate only Udon and salad today.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Saturday, I went over to visit my mom while James worked a bit and Spence was over at grama & grampa's at his sleepover.

My visit was nice and after I got back to Calgary, we headed to Bow Cycle to get James some commuter bike gear.  He got bags for his bike and a frame to hold them and new clip shoes and peddles.  We stopped at the kayak store and I found some sweaters on sale and so got those to replace some that I'd worn out.

For supper we had lamb ribs, tzatziki, hummus, pita bread, greek salad, new potatoes and chocolate cookie crunch ice cream (chocolate ice cream with chocolate chip cookies crunched in).  Yummy.

Today, we chilled - we went for a bike ride around our neighbourhood, but other than that, we did nothing but watch movies and read.  Very nice and relaxing.

For dinner - we all had something different.  James had a salad, Spence had udon and I had perogies.  I had made some fresh bread today - trying a different method, turned out great...but we ate the entire small loaf over lunch and so tomorrow I'll have to make some more.  I also made Spence some soup noodles for the week on my new pasta maker - they turned out pretty good.