Friday, April 02, 2010

After breakfast, Spence did his planning for next week, then we did a math quiz, spelling quiz, he did his budget & checking account update and we cleaned the house before heading out to park day.

Turns out no one came - long weekend, etc.  We decided to go for a big walk while we waited for James to join us at the park.  We ended up going home around 3pm and then walked the dog and headed over to grama & grampa's for Easter supper.

It was a great meal (as usual) and we brought sherbet over (orange creamsicle).  We left Spence there for a sleepover and now are watching Formula 1.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Spencer's research on self defense options - 3rd day

After breakfast, Spence decided on reading the Silent Boy and then continued with the Legend Hunters.  Today, they were hunting Indian ghosts....we did some parlor tricks afterwards - where you take a chain and 'without moving your hands' the chain moves.  We had seen how it was done on Mystery Hunters and were having fun trying to keep our hands as still as possible.

We then finished our Grade 7 math book!  Yay!  As it was pattern identification, it was an easy finish for the year.  We are going to do Grade 7 review for the next two weeks, quizzes and review of material and then start on the Grade 8 math book.

He continued with spelling, guitar and his martial arts/self defense research.  He found only one more he was interested in, so he has five to discuss with us this weekend.

He finished off with drums before lunch and heading out to Jacob's house for a play.  The kids had a good time and I picked up James early while the kids continued to play.  James came home at 3:30 and went straight to bed and has been there ever since.

I headed off to Home Depot after I dropped Spence off from his play date to pick up a patching kit for the wall.  The old toilet paper holder was cut into the wall and I had to patch up the hole it left when we took it out.  It will probably be another few days before we can paint as I'm still sanding the cabinets.

Spence and I both had soup for supper, which was just about right for the two of us.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spencer's research on self defense options - 2nd day

Today was started with Silent Boy and then we went onto history & science.  Spence continued with math - vector graphing.  He had no problem with these, so we'll continue into the chapter tomorrow.  We did spelling, then moved onto the bathroom.  It is now disassembled - no light fixtures, no towel bars, etc.  We filled the holes and started on the sanding.  Spence had enough by the time we were onto sanding, so I did the sanding and he went onto researching more self-defense options.

He continued with Italian, then cleaned his room and practiced music - drums & guitar.  We decided to go hit the ball about (tennis) and discovered it was snowing!  We went anyways and walked the dog afterwards.

We made cookies for tomorrow and tonight and Spence decided to have pizza tonight.  I'm going out for coffee with the mom and the boys decided they didn't want the stew I made for they ordered in.  Stew for lunch instead :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

After breakfast, Spence watched the Manatee's conservation program - made us want to go swim with the manatee's.  We then read the Silent Boy and our history....we were reading about Sinbad, neither of us realized the story had originated as a Islam tale.

We read our science text, had lunch and then Spence spent the next hour and a half researching self defense options.  He's interested in taking some self defense classes and so his dad suggested he pick two he is interested in a day, write a paragraph about each of the two - history, style, etc and send it to him and at the end of the week, they would go through and figure out if he wanted to actually do a class or was the research enough for now.  He then did his spelling and we got ready to head to drum lessons.  He wanted to learn 'Sweet Child of Mine' - but the beat was too fast, so his teacher had a solution - take a slower beat that'll work for that piece of music.  Should be a good bit of learning for him.

We got our dry cleaning afterwards and then he did his math.  We're on the last chapter for Grade 7 and it was about naming points on the line graph - which we did before and so he breezed through it today.  Tomorrow we cover two vector graphs...should be no issue.  Once math was done, he did his guitar practice and found he had to tune his guitar first and then we took out all the stuff from his bathroom, so that tomorrow we can take down the towel racks, fill the holes and hopefully sand.

He cleaned up his space and then took a break while I worked on supper.  We had tacos tonight, which turned out well.

Spencer's research on self defense options

Monday, March 29, 2010

After breakfast and Angry Planet, Spence finished his Diary of a Wimpy Kid in preparation for the movie this afternoon.  He did his spelling, math review of volumes and his writing.  He finished off with drums and cleaning his room.

Short day, but with grama coming we wanted plenty of time for a lunch, packing his stuff for his stay at grama's (not overnight, but until after supper), dressing, etc.

Grama arrived at 1:30 and they left for their movie, I left for my errands.  I went in search of an Imperia Pasta machine - I stopped at two Italian Markets that said they carried the brands, but one was sold out and the other only had a basic model.  I wanted the one with the sheet I ended up in Chinook getting the deluxe version.  I am hoping it lasts much longer than the last model (which I only paid $20 for - 2 yrs ago).  I got a $10 discount because it was the floor model (must have had a run on pasta machines in Calgary).  I also stopped at our fish store to stock up on food for the fish in the bulk containers.  I also got a few plants for the tank, now that it's settled again.

For supper, I had tried out a new recipe - macaroni and cheese casserole.  Icky, yucky, gross - it got thrown out.  Experimental food, sometimes doesn't turn out well.  We ended up eating sandwiches with the fresh baguettes I had made earlier today as a backup.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday we hung out and went out for supper with grama & grampa at Joey Tomato.....then today was a jammy/movie day.  We all sat around in jammies and watched a few movies.  Nice relaxing weekend.