Friday, March 26, 2010

Today, we started with Ancient Discoveries again - today it was ancient eastern weapons.  Chinese armor made of paper - stopping cross bows.  Cannons being fired off camels. 

Math quiz, spelling quiz and we continued with the Silent Boy.  We planned out his next week and he did his reading.  We were both hungry and had lunch (left over chili for Spence and soup / salad for me).  He did his writing, his penmanship is getting better...but still not great.  He finished off with drums and guitar. 

We took a break and then headed for the climbing wall.  It was busy, busy - we lasted about 15 minutes before our arms gave out.  As school is out for the kids for another two weeks - we're not sure if we'll go again during that time. 

I dropped Spence off, headed for groceries.  I got my groceries and when I got back, Spence vacuumed the house and I worked on supper (pizza and home made ice cream - mint chocolate chip). 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today, Spence started with Ancient Discoveries - could the sling that David threw really kill Goliath?  Yes...the guy hit the 4" square 10' off the ground - with enough force to kill!  We also so automatic fire - very cool, chemistry lesson .... want to try it out .... but I think our neighbours would not be pleased.  Then they did levitation with magnets, also very cool.  Great start to a school day.

Then it was more of the Silent Boy, Italian for the both of us.  I'm doing colours now and he's working on things like driving a car and riding a bike.  Then he did his reading and looked at some pictures he took to decide which to print. 

It was time for math next - continuing with volumes.  Today he did a review on pyramid & cone volumes and continued with volumes of squares/rectangles and of cylinders.  He's mixing his formula's up a bit, so we'll continue tomorrow with these.  He did his writing and spelling and then we had lunch.

After lunch, he did drums and guitar and cleaned his room before Sam & Kelly came over.  While the boys played and ran around, Kelly and I did a bit of sanding and then sat down for some tea. 

After they left, we got ready to go climbing.  We decided not to though as James was coming home as we were all a bit tired.  Instead we had chili and chips for supper - great meal.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today started with Spence watching Myth Busters - great episode about germs and cars skipping in ponds.  We read the Silent Boy by Lois Lowry today (started it anyways)...we'll see if we keep at this one. 

Then it was time for some history - the start of Islam today and the 5 pillars that Muhammad gave to his followers.  Then it was time to read some more about Troy - Hector was the hero we were reading about .. seemed like a better fellow than his brother Paris.  We then read up on our science - soil erosion today - not an exciting topic at all.

He then did his reading, writing, math (volume) and then we had lunch - left over taco materials.  He did his spelling, guitar and drums and was just finishing up as I got ready to leave for a client meeting.

Today was his 'me' time day.  While I headed off to the ski shop to pick up our gear for the summer, drop off our recycling, library books, dry cleaning and go to the client - he got some quality alone time.

Now I'm home, we'll make stir fry for supper, gotta still walk the dog and change the fish tank filters (not a fun job)....then if I have time, I plan to do a bit of extra sanding on the doors.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spence got up and started with Leonardo Da Vinci (life & times - part I).  We continued with history and science and then started on Atlas Shrugged.  We decided to have lunch then and after lunch we did a bit of sanding. 

While I continued to sand, Spence did his math.  He did his reading, writing, guitar and then he got ready for drums.

We went to drum lessons and then stopped at Rona on the way home to get a specialty sander for the grooves in the cabinets and the base, some sand paper and masks.

We're 1.75 doors down - we have two spots to finish on door #2.  James got home and we made salmon tacos for supper (I had beans in my taco) - food turned out nice.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spencer using the drill to take off cabinet doors
Cabinets are now off
Spencer using the sander - taking off 5 layers of paint

Down to the actual wood
Spence slept in a bit and said he was not great when he got up - but after breakfast and Angry Planet, he was ready to start.  We read some more of War of the Worlds and he decided he really wasn't into the book and so we'll move onto another one tomorrow.

He continued with writing his story, did his math, spelling, reading (Diary of a Wimpy Kid - refresh memory for the movie), lunch and then drums.

We got the cabinet doors off the bathroom vanity and sanded a bit and then we got ready to go to Jonathan's for a playdate.  When we got home, I finished making supper for the boys (hashbrown cassarole) and headed out to the girls night out.

The boys ended up having pizza instead, means there is some left overs for lunch tomorrow.  I went to Maurya's for supper out with the girls - yummy stuffed.