Thursday, December 30, 2010

It was still cold today - well below what I like it to be. We decided to still do our pre-planned day, which was climbing and going to Fresh to exchange Spencer's ski pants for ones he liked.

We also got him a goggle case as he liked the one we got James. We headed to the climbing wall after Fresh and Spence made two routes that he'd been working on, James and I still working on ours.

We headed home after 20 minutes at the wall and had lunch and chilled. I decided to tackle my file drawer (I'm trying to go from 2 down to 1 drawer - I've managed to get rid of half a drawer in 2010 and now I'm trying for the other half in 2011). I managed to get through 4 files - lots to go through and try and decide what we keep v toss v scan.

Managed a nap before heading out for our second walk with Hunter....I guess he thought it was cold too as he kept taking his feet up off the snow.

We're doing spaghetti for supper tonight, Spencer of course is having spaghetti tacos.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Well, we woke up to lots and lots of snow and very, very cold weather! Good thing we decided to take today off and chill.

We made crepes for breakfast, relaxed a bit, cleaned up the Christmas stuff and went to get groceries and we set up Spencer's new rail in the garage (which now needs to be swept so he can ride his skateboard).

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We had decided today we wouldn't really do much until the climbing wall opened at noon. We did a few chores before we headed off to the climbing wall. We only lasted about 20 minutes - but we were all done and decided it was enough.

We stopped at Wicked Gravity on the way home to return my harness for a store credit and then to Chapters to return a book I bought for Spence that he already had. We got him another book in exchange and so he's all happy.

We made chili for supper and decided we needed time off from everything - so we'll be doing nothing for the rest of the night and for most of tomorrow.

Monday, December 27, 2010

James and I got up at 6 and had a leisurely breakfast. We got Spence up at 6:45 for his breakfast and by that time, Graeme had arrived and we started to load up the truck.

James walked the dog, I got stuff organized from a coffee perspective and Spence got dressed and we were out the door by 7am.

We arrived at the lot just after 8:15 or so and were already about 10 rows back - this we figured would be a busy ski day.

James and I headed to the lodge and I got my card punched for my free day and then we all got organized and headed to the gondola. The card I got was wrecked and so they let me on without scanning me and they told me to go get another one (I will the next time I go, but the line up was big at that point and we just wanted to get up the hill and start skiing).

We got to the lodge and stored our stuff and headed off to one of the chairs. The guys skied with me on the first run and then left me to my own devices (I had three runs to play with) and they took off for the more challenging runs. We met up at 10:30 at which point I found out that James had really taken a nasty tumble (several of them) and was pretty much done the challenging stuff for the day. So James and I did another set of easy runs and after a while decided we were close enough to 12pm (our next meeting time) that we could stop.

It was not nice at Sunshine - flat light, really windy (-15 + windchill) and snowing .... so we were easily convinced that we should stop for hot drinks. We got a table at the Starbucks and waited for Graeme and Spence to arrive - they did a short time after we had gotten our hot drinks.

At that point, all three of us decided we were done for the day and we let Graeme go out for another two hours to ski on his own. Spence had taken a tumble, when his ski hit a rock (the conditions were iffy - lots of rocks, ice and powder all mixed together) and so he figured he was toast.

The three of us headed down to the bottom of the hill by gondola (no one was in for a 20 minute ski out) and headed to the restaurant after we dropped off our ski stuff at the truck. We had appies while waiting for Graeme and then all headed to the Grizzly Paw for real food.

We got our food and then headed to the store to grab pop and off to Valhalla to check out their climbing harness selection (which turned out to be pretty good). I ended up with a Black Diamond brand harness and will be returning the one James got me this week as it is too small. Love my new harness - fits great.

By the time we got home, James ribs hurt when he breathed or moved (we figure he bruised them something awful when the pole went into them) and so he went off to the tub with a salt bath. Spence is catching up with his buddies and I'm going to get the chili going for tomorrow and toddle off to bed early!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yesterday we thought Spence would get up early - but he ended up sleeping in. In the meantime, James and I got up to get breakfast rolling.....ham breakfast thingy, waffles, whipped cream, fruit and coffee.

While we waited, James and I got to our stockings and Spence finished with his stocking - we got great stuff. Spence got a rail for the garage to practice on with this skateboard, a 2nd pair of ski pants, some books - which he promptly read, a nerf gun and a few other goodies. James and I each got tonnes of goodies as well - I got kitchen goodies and chocolates and James got clothing goodies and gift cards.

When grama & grampa arrived we started opening gifts in earnest :) We had breakfast and opened gifts - Leora and I both got Roomba's (the little robot vacuum cleaners) and I had to take mine apart immediately. I then charged it and it tried to eat our xmas tried several times and so I think we'll have to wait until the tree is down and then we'll try it again. It goes under the chairs though - which is cool - there is stuff under there!

I also got climbing stuff from the boys and a new tea set from them, I got some nice clothing from grama & grampa. James got ski stuff and clothing - so we're all pretty happy.

Everyone parted ways after the present opening and James and I napped for a bit and then we all scrounged what was left in the fridge.

Today, we got up earlier again and got organized to head to COP for the morning. We met up with Graeme and his mom Kathy. The light was really flat and so it was hard to see - I decided it was bad enough that I was only going to ski on the part of the hill I knew off by heart. Spence had no such problem and practiced his jumps and half pipe.

We left around 10:30 after a full 1.5 hrs on the hill and we were starved. We got home and ate, then ate again, then ate again and then napped :) still hungry - we snacked until it was time to head to grama & grampa's for boxing day dinner. The eating before supper didn't seem to hinder our appetites and the food was great.

We did family pics after supper and couldn't stop laughing - especially with our photographer telling us 'just shut up and smile' and after several takes 'that's good enough' - James just couldn't get us to stop laughing :)

When we got home, we got everything ready for tomorrow (we go to Sunshine to ski there tomorrow) and we'll head to bed early to be well rested for the skiing.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The finished chocolate mousse cake

Christmas Eve

Thought I'd document Spencer's Santa haul - before he gets to it in the morning :)

Notice how comfy the brother & sister are on the Sumo chairs we got
Auntie decided she needed a scone to finish up her supper ..... not sure if she left us any to share for breakfast :(
Today we got up and headed out to COP, Leora chilled and when we got back we got ready to head out for lunch. We hit several restaurants before we found one that was open - we ended up at Kensington Pub, which turned out to be pretty good food.

I dropped everyone off and headed to the grocery store to grab a few last minute items - got back and made ginger beef and decorated the cake and relaxed a bit before grama and grampa arrived.

We ordered Chinese, had that and cake and Spence opened one Santa gift and then he headed upstairs to play with his friends and we had a good visit.

When grama & grampa left, we watched some TV and got the Santa gifts all organized. James got to use his, auntie used one of Spencer's and I got to see my Santa gift from James & Spence (a new climbing mat!).

I got breakfast stuff organized for tomorrow and am ready for bed now.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Today, we got up a bit later and had a very relaxing morning. Spence and I headed to the hairdresser at 10:30 and as we were heading home, James went off to the airport to meet Leora and Lola.

Everyone came home, had lunch and chilled before heading to the climbing wall and Globe Fish for supper.

While chillin - I worked on the cake for tomorrow - got the ribbon made and it turned out great and now I'm getting the ginger beef sauce done up for tomorrow and the sandwich bread made for Saturday morning's breakfast.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So today I went downtown all day to various client sites and James worked from home a bit and Spence pretty much enjoyed the day at home with his dad.

Monday, December 20, 2010

It was darned cold! -20 this morning with the windchill pushing it to -25. We decided to go skiing anyways (brave souls that we are).

We picked up Erik and his mom Nicole and headed to the hill just before 10am - hoping it was going to warm did to a whopping -15 (still -23 with the wind).

We got on the chairlift at 10:15 and boy was it cold. Spence and I switched gloves - he took my mitts as his fingers were frozen and my toes just wouldn't warm up, even with the heated boots I had.

I gave up skiing after 45 minutes and the boys continued until 11:30 when they took a break before heading back out for another few runs. We were done by 12:30 or so and headed back to our place. The boys are going to play for a bit and then I'll take Erik home on my way to run some errands.

Tonight we're trying to make mini-pizza pockets, hopefully they will turn out well.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

So yesterday, James worked from home for the morning - while Spence and I slept in. We pretty much did nothing all afternoon and decided we'd try and do something today.

Today though, we decided another day of doing nothing was in the cards. The boys played video games, I did some chores and worked a bit, took a nap and then made supper.

We watched movies last night and probably will tonight - tomorrow is Spencer's first day of xmas vacation, we're going skiing with some buddies at COP and otherwise, we plan to chill.

Friday, December 17, 2010

After breakfast, we did spelling, math quiz, updated Spencer's checking account, took a break to get stuff organized for the rest of the day, silent reading, printing practice, a very quick lunch and then out the door to see Tron.

We were going to meet up with Brett & his mom - but the theatre was full and we couldn't find them. We found them after the show and they enjoyed it as much as we did, they also watched the original Tron yesterday to be up to date on the movie.

I dropped Spence off and then headed to Superstore to get the big run this week - I have a cake we're trying out and I needed some bulk stuff that was on sale.

Spence walked the dog, while I unloaded the groceries. We made grilled cheese and soup for supper and now are watching some TV.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I let Spence sleep in a bit and then we read Anne, Ranger and silent reading. He did his spelling, writing, we finished our unit on compound interest and then we had lunch.

We headed out to the climbing gym, it was busy where we wanted to climb (a school group), so we headed upstairs to the bouldering wall and did some of that - until we started falling off the flat walls .... that only took 15 - 20 minutes. It was too cold to ski today, so we were pretty happy the wall was open even though it was busy.

We got home, Spence finished with drums and then we turned on the original Tron to get us into the groove for tomorrow's opener.

Spence chilled and I worked on supper - polenta, gnocchi & spicy tomato sauce with grilled chicken. The gnocchi was no where near as good as last night's version - so I think that will take some time to get right.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Got Spence up and we started with Anne & the Ranger and continued with math and spelling and history...serfs got screwed. You own the land, someone invades and takes it away - not nice.

Then he watched Human Weapon - Pandration (sp?) it's an ancient form of Greek martial arts that was practiced by the Greek army and during the original Olympics (which we found out meant instant death to any woman who would want to either participate or watch - talk about mean). It is a nasty martial art - they can crack a wooden shield with their foot.

Then silent reading, German writing, drums and lunch. I headed off to my client's office and Spence had some free time and then we chilled for a bit before getting ready to head to SAIT for our cooking class.

I had decided we'd walk to the train station as we skipped skiing today and needed some form of exercise and I thought we'd be green, by not taking two cars. So 35 minutes later (-1 is cold when it is windy) we reach the station and wait.....and wait.....and wait.....

I had checked the schedule and it is every 5 minutes until after was 6pm when we arrived and it was 6:20 when the train finally came and 6:30 when it finally left the station. We got to SAIT at 6:40 and got lost and finally made it into class at 6:45. Once there though - the class was great.

The recipes were good and the only thing that was missing was a bit more on cooking - but with only 3 hours, there isn't time to do that. We did tomato sauce, gnocchi, grilled veggies, polenta with onions and biscotti for sweets. The group also made soup and fried veal - which we skipped as no one was going to eat those dishes. Overall, it was a great class and the chef was very informative.

We got home after 9pm and are ready to go to bed.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So, it was another nice day in Calgary - a balmy 4 degrees with sunshine, can't complain about that and I think we could even have gone skateboarding at one of the parks (will have to check that out next time it is warm).

I got Spence up by 8:30 so that we could get everything done - we had math (he worked on using excel today to do compound interest calculations), spelling, we read Anne & Ranger and then it was time for silent reading, he's back into the manga comic books and is enjoying those. Then for creative writing today - he did up the riddle I posted earlier - answer: snow.

His penmanship is still nasty - no matter how much I have him use the books to follow the letters, when he does it on his own, it looks as bad as his fathers - I'm thinking it's a genetic defect at this point :) We'll keep trying though, it's not like you can't read it, it just is all scribbly and it needs to be neater.

We got ready then and headed off to Market Mall. We got Spence new low light / night lenses for his goggles (which we tried out tonight), as James noticed that Spence was pretty much blind skiing in the low light conditions they had at Sunshine. Then we stopped at the Apple store and found out we should order the stuff we wanted online as it was going to be cheaper. We stopped off at Toys R Us and got a cute little gift for Angelina (Gregg & Kelly's little girl - Gregg does the guitar lessons for James each week)....last time Angelina was over, she danced and sang for us - so I bought a microphone that she could use to sing when her dad played music on the guitar.

We then headed to Crowfoot Mall and Burger King to grab a bite before heading to Narnia (the Dawn Treader). We had wanted to see the 3D, but it was playing much too late and so we saw the regular version - which was still excellent. They do a pretty good job sticking to the story that is in the book, not sure though if I like the BBC story telling better or not. Special effects though were much better with the new version.

We also got a gift card for Kenny there (Spencer's drum teacher) for a date night with his wife :) He said he hadn't been out on a date with his wife for a long time and thought that was a grand idea.

Once we finished with the movie, we ran a few errands and headed off to drum practice - our last one for the year and then we came home, got organized and headed off to COP to test out the new lenses. We did 2 runs and they worked great. By the time we were done testing, James was ready to head to Salt & Pepper.

We had decided we'd meet there for supper, with our day being so busy and so we met there and had a great supper. Spence took advantage of the all you can eat taco night and ordered 7 tacos. James had a burrito and I had my sides. Very yummy way to end the day.

Spencer's new riddle

I fly through the wind, I can be as small as a fly and as big as a leaf. I am cold as ice. What am I?

Monday, December 13, 2010

So today, I let Spence sleep in a bit as we had planned to go skiing first thing.....he gets up and says - nope, not gonna do it. Gonna stay home, can't make me go.....but you can go and I can get back to sleeping :)

That was a big fat ... no ... so he got up and after breakfast, he watched a Human Weapon show on Kravmaga - which he enjoyed. Then we did spelling, math, read Anne & Ranger and decided to have some lunch.

He had some left overs and said he was still hungry, so I had him try some of my Ethiopian spicy lentil stew and injari (teff crepes) - it was spicy and full of protein & fibre and he had a bowl of stew and 6 crepes (and with mouth full, denied he liked Ethiopian food). Between his two lunches, he got full and then went to do some reading in his room and finished up with drums today.

Spence took a bit of a break and I did some work and then we both got our chores done and got ready to chill for the rest of the night.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

James got up at 5:45, he got me up at making loud noises. We had breakfast and got Spence up at 6:45 to get ready to head out to Sunshine for a day of boy skiing.

The guys left with Graeme & Jer in tow and I got to stay home :)

I did my chores, made lunch, watched TV, did a bit of work and took a nap - how much better can a day get? Well I couldn't figure out what kind of cookie I wanted to make this week - so that is the only thing I haven't done.

Now just waiting for the guys to get home, after they've had a great day skiing and eating out in Banff.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

James got up early and Spence and I slept in until 10am (ok - anything earlier than 10am is early on a Saturday).

We all had breakfast and then the boys chilled and I started chores - I decided that I wanted mushroom ravioli the other day for tonight and couldn't find any that James could eat or that I wanted to that meant making them.

I haven't made pasta in a while, so I was pretty excited about making it again. It took about 3 hours, but the pasta is made, stuffed and drying a bit. I took out a baguette from my class and made garlic bread out of it and although Spence isn't too keen on just mushroom ravioli, he said he'd give it a try (he of course wanted meat in his).

James is off tuning our skis in the garage, I'm going to start cleaning the very messy kitchen and do a bit of laundry and then we'll all figure out a movie to watch tonight and enjoy that.

Friday, December 10, 2010

We started with Human Weapon - Ninja this morning. It's a show about how human's have used themselves as deadly weapons in our history - pretty cool show. Then we moved onto planning our next week and updating the checking account and finally moved onto reading. We read Anne & the Ranger and then Spence read his Cursed Sword anime book today. We did spelling and math - more compound interest calculations with various periods....which he says is 'tedious' and I told him it's good to know if the bank or someone else is charging you the right amount of interest or if you loan money - that you're charging the right amount of interest....well he finished the exercise, he's still not proficient in it, although he did get the questions right. I think we'll do a few more next week :)

Then he did his drums and we cleaned the house and then had lunch. I decided to go get our Tron tickets at the theatre and saw that Narnia opened today. We have decided to go to that on Tuesday before our drum lesson - so we are swapping our skiing on Tuesday for Thursday next week (that's the plan anyways).

Now Jacob is coming over to play some video games with Spence - it's -17 outside, so I'm not asking for them to go out and play.

Tonight we plan to chill - watch some TV and have roasted potatoes with grilled chicken for supper.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

I let Spence sleep in a bit as we had no plans for today and he is still a bit on the sick side. We started off with our continuation of the Mythbuster's Pirate episode. We started watching it last night on netflix - but it's 2 hours and so we finished it off today. It was a good episode.

We then read Anne & Ranger, our science text - space station living and the retirement of the Space Shuttle this year by NASA. We continued with spelling, math, silent reading, some Italian and he finished off with drums. We also watched some dolphins make bubbles & air rings they played with in the water - very cool.

I headed off to do some groceries and he started his laundry and played with his friends online.

Tonight we are doing Chinese and James and I will be heading out to James' work xmas party, while Spence gets some 'me' time.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

We started with Extreme Engineering - the biggest military ship on earth and taking off and landing on an air freighter. We read Anne, the Ranger and our History book - the history of the english language.

Spence did his drums, spelling, silent reading, compound interest in math and printing practice. We then had lunch and got ready to head out to pick up Kelly & Sam, who were joining us at the recycling plant.

After getting just a little lost (Kelly was a better GPS than TomTom was), we made it and headed inside to the big classroom (see pics of our fieldtrip in prior post). They had stations for us to work at, a viewing area of the sorting facility, we got some interesting facts about Calgary and the amount of trash we make. We are the biggest trash makers in NA per capita, we are now starting to recycle (since the city brought in recycling) and are in the middle of the pack for that....the city hopes to lose the title of most trash per capita in the next few years. They are working on a variety of projects - composting regular garbage and other silo techniques used by cities with less landfill space. Very informative.

We also learned about making good consumer choices - metal over glass over paper over plastic over foam products and volume of a product container v type of container - and - of course mixed material containers which cannot be recycled even if it is paper based (except tetrapaks).

So much to learn, even Spence who wasn't too thrilled - found it informative. We headed home and when we arrived at Kelly & Sam's place, we opted to stay for a play. Once we got home, we walked the dog before making supper - taco's tonight and chillin.

Recycling Fieldtrip

Our group of 25 at the recycling centre - we have 3 groups who are visiting - the City did a great job of putting on the class and various centres.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

James was still sick today, but both Spence and I were feeling much better. We had decided that today would be a PD day and so Spence enjoyed the day off, playing with his buddies online, James slept and I went off to a client for half the day.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Saturday, James and I went climbing.....Spence chilled. Sunday we all relaxed and today we all got up feeling nasty. I sent Spence back to bed and he slept till just about 11:30! He still has a headache and is feeling nasty. James went to work, but is nasty. I'm still feeling icky - headachy and queezy.

We've decided to take a sick day (Spence and I) and watch movies and read.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Got Spence up before 8:30 because we had our annual optometrist appointment today - we both came out with flying colours. We got home and Spence did his drums, we read the Ranger and Anne and then Spence watched the show Weaponology - Bombers. We looked at his checking account, did his planning for next week and had lunch - then headed off to the climbing wall to do our bouldering for the day.

We got home, did spelling and math and then chilled for a bit before cleaning the house and making supper.

Tonight we are having rice, gumbo, chicken, some fresh bread and cookies.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

After breakfast, we read Anne, Ranger, did our spelling and printing and then got ready to head out to COP.

We got there a bit earlier today - just before 10am and the hill was running full steam ahead and so next time we'll go a bit earlier yet.

We got lots of skiing in today - from 10 to almost 1pm with a good 45 minute break in between for food and other stuff (gloves for Spence - his were really not keeping his hands warm and his hands had gotten big enough to not fit the gloves properly and while we were there, we got him a pair of socks (in his size) as I was running out of ski socks with him borrowing them and never giving them back). We got home and got organized for the rest of our school day.

After showers, Spence did his drums, silent reading, German and finished off the day with math. We're finally done our simple interest calculations and we'll be moving onto compounded interest next week.

I got organized and went to get a few things at Walmart, while Spencer vacuumed the lounge and made a massive fort in it.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

We opted to start reading during breakfast. We read Anne & Ranger and after breakfast did spelling and worked on the simple interest formula. Spence then did some silent reading - his driver's manual, printing and got ready for skiing.

We arrived just before opening and discovered the hill full of kids! We found out they open the hill at 9:30 for classes and 10 for the public. We still got in a run every 5 minutes - so not bad.

We left at 11am so that I could get ready to go to my client and Spence could finish up school. He did his drums, decided he could do without the science DVD and tidied up his lounge (ok - still not clean, but it is tidier). We both had lunch and then I headed off and Spence played.

Got home, made perogies and plan to chill for the rest of the night.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

After breakfast, we read Anne and Ranger then Spence watched Fight Science and had an early lunch. We did math - simple interest calculations and then spelling, printing practice and reading. We chilled and then left a bit early for drum lessons.

We got home, walked the dog and finished making supper - taco's tonight.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Today, James took a flex day from work and we decided to take a flex day from school too.... instead we relaxed and then headed to the mall for our teen event.

The kids all did another day at Battlefield Live and there were over 20 kids who showed up. The kids however said the fellow running the game today was grumpy and was not respectful and so I will be giving them that feedback.

We also managed to finish up most of our xmas shopping (the boys) and stocking stuffer shopping. We finished off the mall experience with a late lunch at the burger place and then headed home.

Tonight was panini's with the home made buns from class and that pretty much was it for the day.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday, we got up pretty early and got ready to go. James and Spence met up with Graeme for some skiing at COP and I went off to my last baking class.

My baking class was awesome, and the boys had a great time. We decided we'd go out for sushi after we put up the tree and then we chilled.

Today, James got up early (I mean like 6am early) and got ready to head out with Graeme for some skiing at Sunshine. They had a blast and went to Eddie's Burger Bar when they were done. Spence chilled all day and did laundry and I did some errands and got stuff organized for an appie supper.

We made some pita bread, bruschetta, hummus, roasted garlic potatoes, we grabbed a baguette out of the freezer from my baking class yesterday and we made brownies and banana bread muffins for after dinner snacks.

Time to chill and relax.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Spence got to sleep in a bit today as we usually plan our Friday's fairly light. He got up and we did planning, updating his checking account, we read Anne & Ranger and then did spelling. We did math next - simple interest and then he did his reading (which was re-reading his essay and editing it). He spent a good half hour working on his editing and then we published it earlier today on our blog. I was pretty impressed with the 500+ words and the full page that he wrote and he didn't even need a huge amount of nagging from me.

He did drums and then we had an early lunch and got ready to go skiing at COP. We got there just after 12 and found it stocked with kids - seems like lots of schools were either doing field-trips or took the afternoon off. Spence was getting a good 10 feet in the air off the jumps.

We headed home around 1:30 and had enough time to chill a bit before grama came over to pick up Spence for a movie. While they were out, I headed to the mall to try and get some more stocking stuffers.

We had all planned to meet at the Hamptons for the last dinner at the club (ever) and we had a pretty good time catching up and the food was pretty decent.

Spencer's Essay

Today was the 2 week due date of Spencer's essay (really meant to start working on timelines and deadlines he will face in University and work). He did all the work on his own, the editing we did together - and I learned today that we call a semi-colin a 'winky'. I think he did great, with 500 words in his essay.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

We started off with Anne, where Ruby Gillis was killed off and then the Ranger. We then tried to setup the wheel on Grand Tourismo for Spence to practice shifting....but we couldn't figure out how to get the steering wheel to allow us to we have to figure that out.

Spence then finished off his essay (which is due tomorrow) and he's planning to edit it tomorrow and then we'll post the essay. We continued with spelling, Italian, drums, math timed quiz - 6 minutes and he got 90 out of 91 and we finished off with silent reading.

We had a quick lunch and then headed off to Sam's place for a play. The play included two and a half hours of sledding and fort building. The finally came back and played in the house for another one and a half hours....we finally headed home just after four.

We got home, started to make supper and chilled.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

After breakfast, Spence did his math and finally was in the zone for % increase / decrease calculations. He did spelling next and then we read Anne & Ranger. He watched Sci Fi Science - how to become a super hero and that was pretty interesting.

We did Lie to Me next - I was looking for something the other day and found that the show was based on a real person's work and he does a blog going through what is real and what isn't in each we read through the last one we had, watched it and tried to see the facial signs which were mentioned on the blog - but we both blew it big time and decided neither of us would make good interrogators :)

While I prepared lunch, Spence read the last bit of Chapter 1 and the first bit of Chapter 2 in his driver's ed manual and then I quizzed him. He still remembers stuff he looked at a week ago, so I'm pretty happy about that. He did his drumming next and finished off with writing.

I took off at noon to grab a game James had on hold, pick up stuff from the tofu truck and head to a client's office. I had thought the meeting would take about 3 hours and it ended up taking a bit longer, but I hit rush hour traffic on the way home and didn't get here until almost 6pm (almost an hour on the road for a 15 minute trip normally).

James beat me home as he was at a course all day today and we ended up having a sort of scrounge night as I had left so early in the day. I did remember to bake some potatoes though - so Spence ended up with bake potatoes and I made potato salad. James had potstickers and rice.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

After silent reading for an hour, we read Anne & the Ranger. We continued with spelling, math and writing and then had lunch.

We pretty much chilled until drum lessons and decided the dog needs a bath. Once drums are done, we'll chill until bouldering time and then supper.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Today after breakfast we read Anne & the Ranger and then Spence watched It's Effin Science. When he was done, he started reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid (book 4) for almost an hour and a half.

When he finished, he did his math and spelling before grama came to get him for lunch. Grama had originally said that she would be here around 12 or shortly after.....her calendar was clear and so when she didn't show up at 12, we waited.....then at 12:30 we continued to wait and at 12:45 we left a msg at home and tried her cell answer....then we started to worry. At about 1pm, grama called to say she was on her way from the doctors and Spence lost it. He thought she had been in an accident and that's why she was at the doctors or was sick - he was so worried. We straightened it all out and he went off with grama for lunch and a bit of a visit.

Just a note on the above - grama is right (she emailed last night), originally she said 1pm, but she had emailed us earlier saying to have the phone on after 12pm...Spence and I both assumed she had changed the time to 12.....misunderstandings are so easy to happen.

While he was out, I went to Walmart to get a few things and then walked the dog - the dog was too cold to do much and after quickly doing his business he turned around and headed home before I could even catch up.

When I got home, I finished making dinner (goulash tonight), cleaned out the fish tank (which made me colder). I woosed out on climbing tonight because I didn't want to go back out in the super cold - so now it's just hot chocolate and tea, trying to warm up.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

We pretty much did nothing today. We got up late, made pancakes and chilled. We headed to the Winter Club to check it out in the afternoon as one of James' partners is a member and offered to tour us around.

I did our weekly groceries and then came home to continue chilling. We watched a few movies while we ate supper and made our dog walks really short today.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Got up at 5:50 this morning by accident. I thought my clock had gone off, but it was James' - which he set for whatever reason and by the time I figured out what time it was, I had already made my coffee and corn flakes for breakfast.....I decided to take a nap after breakfast, but by then James was awake from all my rattling in the kitchen and said I should just stay up and take a nap this afternoon.

I did and got ready to go at 8:30 for my baking class. I got to SAIT and ended up paying $22 to park - they don't include parking with your class fees (good to know). I wasn't sure what the class was going to be like or if we were going to eat as a group during lunch or what. It turned out we kinda grazed and snacked and I ended up at Sobey's next door to grab a quick lunch of cup a soup, apple and yogurt drink to go with my fresh rye bread and butter.

We ended up making several loafs of bread (like 15 each) and ran out of time to make all 20 or so. At 1pm, we wrapped up as he said we wouldn't have enough time to make the next loaf, let it rise, proof it, bake it and cool by 2:30 I was home. I made sourdough, whole wheat sourdough, rye bread and cheese & olive rounds. We used no commercial yeast and learned a lot about bread - who knew there was so much to learn.

We learned that rye flour has no gluten, so you can't window pane it (it's a gluten forming test we did with the sourdough), we also learned about how gluten is formed, how yeast is captured in the air, how to use the mixer and what mixers to get and how to proof in the home oven that doesn't have a steam setting.

When I got home after eating and baking, I took a nap. The boys in the meantime had a good day being together and decided -25 was too cold to head out.

Tonight we go out for BD dinner for grama and I'm giving them two loaves to eat.

Friday, November 19, 2010

We started with updating Spencer's checking account today and then doing his planning for next week. We continued with Anne & the Ranger then he did his timed math quiz - 88 out of 88 in 6 minutes :) he's pretty happy. We've decided to introduced timed exams to help him get used to time pressures for exams. We're also doing essays with deadlines to help him learn how to focus himself for college classes - figuring we have a few years to get into it, we're starting off with very nice little baby steps.

He did his spelling and silent reading next and then drum practice and writing. We got lunch organized and headed out to Harry Potter. Grama joined us at the theatre at 11am (per plan) but Spence had to go out and the two of them played at not remember who the other person was :)

We watched the movie and then headed home (Spence forgot his toque there, so I had to go back and get it tonight) to walk the dog and make pizza for supper.

I managed to scare the bejezuz out of Spence when I jumped out of my chair during a scary scene - grama had a good chuckle. Now we'll just chill for the rest of the night.

Oh - in other news.....sold the little Beetle to a friend of James' at work. I'm happy as it has found a new home that I think will be good for it, back to being a two car family :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today we started with spelling and then read Anne and by the time we finished the second chapter we decided we better head to the dentist a bit early....still got their late :)

Spence got a clean bill of health for his teeth and his last baby tooth came out while they were cleaning. I got a clean bill of health for my teeth too - but told me to change tooth brushes to the smallest one available to fit in my mouth (apparently not getting all my teeth in the back), overall not a bad visit - neither of us had cavities.

When we got home, it was time for lunch and we watched Sci Fi Science - Time Travel today. It was German next and then Spence started on his new writing assignment.

We continued with math, silent reading and finished off with drums. We both took a break then and finally started on the house. The dog was first - brushing time. We finished the rest of the house after the dog and then took him for a walk.

We made rice and some garlic naan with veggie butter chicken - Spence really liked it (to my surprise). Now it's time to chill until James gets home to grilled chicken and rice (he can't do the butter chicken due to the fat, will have to hunt down a low fat recipe).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spence slept in a bit and after breakfast, he did his spelling and math quiz. We read Anne & Ranger and then Spence watched Sci-Fi Science - today it was all about building a spaceship and space travel, then we read about the Calgary scientists from U of C who were part of a team that captured anti-matter for the first time in that big experiment they are running in Zurich. Spence was then talking to a buddy about phasers....all this science talk and I might think he actually has an interest in it :)

I got his lunch ready and then headed off to the IIA lunch which was scheduled for today. Lunch was bad as usual and I left after the presentation to head to Superstore to get a few bulk items. Once home, Spence and I walked the dog and then I got the cannelloni ready for supper.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

After breakfast, we read Anne and Ranger and then we watched Weaponology - sniper rifles. Spence did a cumulative review in math and then did his writing and spelling. After lunch, we took a break and then headed off to drum lessons a bit early due to the icy roads.

Once drums were over, we went to the mall to get Spencer's new game (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - which he pre-ordered) and then headed home to walk the dog. We went out for a good half hour in the snow - the dog bouncing in the snow like a white bunny rabbit (he was covered in snow).

Monday, November 15, 2010

Today, Spence got up and we started with Anne and then Ranger. We continued with math, spelling, writing practice, drums and reading (driver's manual - Spence is getting familiar with the classes of driver's licenses out there).

We had a bite and then checked our fries - day 27 - see our mold results.

By the time we finished with that, Sam & Kelly came over and the kids had a great time beating Kelly and me at Brain Academy before they headed outdoors with the dog to play nerf wars.

By the time Kelly & Sam were ready to leave, we were organizing supper (stir fry tonight) and making sure we were ready for when James got home.

Day 27 - French Fry Experiment (Pictures)

Day 27 - the processed fries finally have some the scary part....

These are just potatoes, fried in oil and lots of salt ..... why aren't they moldy? What is it with our food that it doesn't mold after a month in the fridge (ew - gross!)

Day 27 - French Fry Experiment

It took 27 days for the first fridge fry to mold. It wasn't the home fries either! It was the frozen fries - they molded and now we gotta wait for the others.

Pictures to follow!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day five of our staycation and the last day before going back to our routine.

We all got up early this morning and headed to COP to check out the bunny slope. They have turned the beginner run into a mini-terrain park with a box and a jump and above it you can walk up to the other beginner area and there are more boxes and jumps.

We opted for the single box & jump area and spent a good hour and a half going around in a loop. We left because we were getting hungry and it went from being four of us on the little slope to about 40 and it was getting crowded.

James was doing 180 turns and mini-jumps and Spence was doing boxes & jumps and practicing the 180's - but not quite getting them and I was doing the little jump and skiing backwards - too chicken to do the box. I thought I was ready and then chickened out at the last minute as I was coming up to it.

When we got home, we chilled and did chores and got ready for Graham coming over for steak BBQ tonight. In the meantime, the painters came by and decided to paint our front door and told us we had to keep it open for at least 4 hours.....well that was at 1pm - at 8:30 tonight it was still sticky to the touch, but it was too cold to leave it open and our house is freezing - so we shut it and figured they can come back and paint when it's above 0 degrees outside.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day four of our stay-cation.

We got up at 8:30 and packed up. We headed home before 10am and once home, I went to the grocery store and the boys went to the ski shop to pick up Spencer's boots & ski's.

We had stopped at COP on the way home and got our ski passes and took a boo at the hill - we plan to take advantage of the bunny slope tomorrow :)

Once everyone was home, it was time to work on supper - I had put the ribs in before I left for groceries and so I had to get the mashed potatoes done, the corn, biscuits and chicken. Got all that going and then figured out AMA had given me the wrong Sunshine passes the other day, so I headed back there, while James did our skis.

Got home, finished making supper and appies (bruschetta) just before Greg & Kelly came over with Angelina for supper. We all had a good meal, the boy went upstairs and we enjoyed some ski movies.

Angelina is so cute - she's walking, talking and in love with the dog. She is very gentle with him, so he didn't mind being petted all night.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day three of staycation.

We all got up late, relaxed while having our bagels for breakfast and then after relaxing some more headed off to Eddie's Burger + Bar in downtown Banff. After lunch, which was delicious, we walked around and checked out a bunch of shops for shoes for James and a clock for my mom - we didn't find either and after an hour or so, we headed to the grocery store.

We got snacks and then headed back for nap time. We walked the dog, we are planning on heading to the cafe downstairs for supper and then off to the pool for an early evening swim.

Tomorrow we head back home.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today was day two of our staycation :)

James got up early and went for a workout and by the time we all got up and had breakfast it was time to head downtown for lunch. We went to Edo Japan in Banff and then headed home for a swim. The pool was super busy today - all of a sudden - lots of families with small kids.

We only stayed for a half hour and then headed up for a rest. We got ready and went for an early dinner at the Bison in Banff and had a decent meal. Spence had the bison sirloin tip and meat mashed potatoes, James and I split a mushroom appie and a salad. We got home and James and I walked the dog and then went for coffee in the hotel. It got pretty loud after a bit in the lounge and so we left to finish chilling in our room.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today was day one of our staycation :)

After breakfast, we lounged a bit (James went to the gym) and we slowly got ready to head out to Canmore and Banff.

We did finally leave and I realized I forgot the dog's collar & leash and so when we did arrive in Canmore, our first stop after lunch was at a store that had a collar and leash.

For lunch we went to Grizzly Paw and had some good stuff and got our pop supply and then headed to Baka's for an early BD celebration. Spence and I stopped off and got flowers and a BD card and cake to share and James headed to his favorite bagel shop for a bit of 'me' time.

We all got back together around 3:30 and headed to Banff, where we plan to stay for the next few days. We got in without any problems and even got an upgrade to a nicer room when we asked. We immediately got into our swimsuits and headed to the outdoor pool that is like a hot tub - really warm. It was great - outside it was very cold, but it was great in the pool. No one else was there and so we had the whole place to ourselves.

We finished with our swim and headed out for dinner - Spence decided he wanted some 'me' time and so he had room service and James and I headed to Sukiyaki House for some sushi. The food was pretty decent and fast. Spence got a great deal for his meal - $20 for a huge bowl of spaghetti & meat sauce, bread & fries - can't complain when he's full enough not to finish everything he ordered.

Now we'll chill until morning and then head for the pool. Banff is really quite dead right now (lack of tourists), which suits us fine - the hotel is empty and so we pretty much have that to ourselves as well.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

After breakfast, we read Anne and the Ranger and then Spence watched Flock of Dodo's - a history show about the extinction of the Dodo bird. When he finished that he read the introduction of the basic driving manual - which to his surprise he remembered :) He knew what a Class 7 and 5 driver's license was.

We did his spelling, math, German and writing. We stopped then and he watched the final episode of Full Metal Alchemist and did our chores.

It was time for drum lessons and Kenny said that it was an epic breakthrough week! He was awesome!

We got home and chilled until 5pm. We left then to go to the indoor skatepark that is just starting up. Spence stayed for 45 minutes before he was wore out and we went home.

We had papusa's and burrito's for supper and we're all packed for our trip tomorrow to Canmore and Banff for a very long weekend :)

Monday, November 08, 2010

I headed off to the shop early to drop off the truck for their heated seat installation. When I got back Spence had breakfast and we started off the school day with Anne and the Ranger and then went onto spelling, math, writing (see his gamer's blog), then reading and lunch.

He finished off with drums and practicing his manuals & rolling ollies on his skateboard and then while I hustled off to a client's office, he finished cleaning up his room and the dining room table which had been taken over by warhammer figures and halloween candy.

I went to pick up the truck after my client visit and hit traffic and decided I never want to live south of downtown. 45 minutes from the core to Glenmore on least the truck was ready. It works great - both door seats have heaters now (high & low) to keep bums warm in the winter and the centre one is left in it's original condition (you get a cold bum). Glad we got it done before we got the truck all comfy - I would never have done it afterwards.

We had planned to go climbing - but it was already past 5 when I finally got the truck, so we decided to skip that. James headed off to the gym when he got home and I am warming up supper (sloppy joes w fries tonight) and we'll chill until Greg arrives for James' guitar lesson.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Yesterday we headed downtown to see about getting both James and Spence their winter jackets - James needed a new mid-layer as that was one of the things that went missing due to our spring cleaning fling and one for Spence as the Marmot we bought had pretty much de-feathered and he needs a good warm winter jacket. We got both and James also got some great long underwear by Icebreaker (my favorite brand for long underwear).

We then headed to Harry Rosen for some socks and shaving cream and then chilled for the rest of the day.

We got the boys some Chinese for supper and I headed out to a mom's night out and had a great supper and chat with five other mom's at Joey Tomato's for almost 5 hours. Don't know where the time went, but it flew by - before we knew it, it was 11pm and we were the last ones in the dining room.

Today was a total relax day and other than walking the dog for a good hour, we did nothing. It was great.

Tomorrow the new truck goes back to the dealership so they can finish installing the back heated seats and then we're set for our staycation this week, which we're doing in Banff.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Friday, November 05, 2010

Spence got up and then went promptly back to sleep. Spence started with Medieval Times - Minstral, then we moved to Anne, the Ranger, we planned out next week, updated his checking account, did his spelling, math and silent reading. Spence finished off with drums and lunch and then we scurried out the door to Lake Day - yes Lake Day!

Judy was nice enough to put on a lake day (it was near 18/64 degrees today!) for the homeschoolers and the kids rowed out to the island in the middle of the lake and played in the sand.

We barely made it home - 5 minutes before our 3:30 meeting time with grampa. He beat us there though and Spence headed off to a movie and dinner with grampa in shorts and swim shirt. They didn't end up seeing the movie they had wanted to, but Spence seemed to like the one they did see. They went to Edo Japan at Crowfoot for supper, which Spence said he really enjoyed as well.

In the meantime, I walked the dog and went to the library. James got home and we headed out to the climbing wall for a quick climb. We got done about a half hour later and headed to Sakana for dinner as I needed groceries to make the supper we wanted.

We all got home and chilled for the rest of the night.

Lake Day - November 05th

Our new truck - it's the same as the old truck, only silver :) Now we both have a truck to drive in the winter

My new replacement necklace of Spencer's handprint

Thursday, November 04, 2010

So our new SUV was ready at 2 (sort of) - I got a ride to the dealership and finished all the paperwork and waited to get the keys.

The heated seats we ordered for the back, were delayed and now I have to go back on Monday :( Otherwise, the pickup went well. The new vehicle was ready and they gave me a full tank and they put the first 30km on it to make sure it was working as it should.

I drove it home and filled it up with all our junk - now it feels like our SUV :)
So, I had to get Spence up at 7:30 this morning so we would be on time for his annual doctor's visit. I of course, ended up missing the doctor's office turn off altogether and was heading to the climbing wall out of habit (they are both along the same street). We turned around and ended up waiting at every red light on the way back.

We arrived a bit late, but the doc was ready to see us as soon as we got there. Spence got a clean bill of health and so we're set for another year. Spence and I then headed to the car wash to get the bug clean for the garage where it will sit until we either sell it or Spence learns to drive :)

Once we cleaned the car, we were off to the library - too early as it turns out and so we took advantage of the empty lot to learn a bit about stick shifts. He's keen on starting on his driver's ed book and figures a year is about how long it'll take him to get comfy with the book, the test (which we downloaded onto the iphone for him) and the actual handling of the stick shift. He sat in the car and worked through the gears and the clutch, brake and gas pedal and then when he thought he was comfy - we turned the car on. It was great - the first time he let the clutch up and it sputtered and died and the second time he was in neutral and had gunned the gas pedal (good thing he was in neutral). He said it was scary but fun and so we'll continue working through the shifting over the next year when we remember.

We got home and read Anne, the Ranger, did his math quiz, spelling, read the history book and the science book (today it was landing on the moon). He then moved onto drums and Italian. While he finished Italian, I got our lunches ready and then he finished off with silent reading and printing practice.

Now it's break time for a bit and then we'll get to our chores - he has laundry to do, cleaning up his room and lounge and we have to tidy up the basement area.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

After breakfast, we read the Ranger series and started on book 3 of Anne of Green Gables. Spence decided he wanted to take all day for school and so we took plenty of breaks in between subjects for him to snuggle, watch TV and read - pretty much took it easy all day.

He watched Medieval Times - Kings today and then did his spelling, drums, silent reading, math, writing, skateboarding and finally he cleaned his room and took out the trash from his rooms.

Very relaxing day.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Today was our first facilitator meeting for the year. We had sent our education plan off in advance, so we didn't have to worry about that and we had a very nice visit.

Once Joe and I were finished, it was just about lunch and so we decided we'd eat before starting our school day. We started off with the Hobbit & the Ranger once lunch was done, did spelling, silent reading, a math quiz to start off the week and some penmanship practice.

We had about a half hour before we had to leave for drum lessons by then and decided to relax and watch some TV. We got to drum lessons and Spence started on two new songs and once we were done there, we went to the dry cleaners and Safeway for some buns (Spence is having chili dogs for supper).

We hadn't done our PE for the afternoon yet, we were trying to decide between bouldering or skateboarding and Spence opted to practice his olies (rolling & standing) and his manuals and I am planning on a long walk.

Tonight we're doing chili with sweet corn jalapeno bread and planning to chill.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Spence had his sleepover last night and was up very very late. He got home early this morning as we had a play scheduled for this afternoon with Noah.

I sent him straight to bed at 9:30am and let him sleep till 11:30, just before Noah arrived. Spence had a quick meal and then Noah arrived and they played until 4pm. They had a pretty good time and once Noah had left, we worked on supper - hashbrown casserole, gravy & veggie patties and watched some TV.

It's an early bed time tonight as we have a big day tomorrow.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

We pretty much chilled today. Spence got ready for his sleepover at Jonathan's - they are heading out for some trick-or-treating in Jonathan's neighbourhood. I don't expect him to be very social in the am.

We went for a big walk both this morning and in the afternoon with the dog and James and I headed to Bow Cycle to pick up his bike from getting the brakes redone, then we had grilled cheese sandwiches and perogies for supper.

We waited for the kids - warm night (compared to what it has been in the past), expecting quite a few. No one has come to our door tonight. This is the 2nd year we're pretty much not giving candy out. This year though, I only bought one box of candy, so I'm thinking we can polish that off if no one shows up before we call it a night. You would think - 74 townhomes, easy pickings. Oh well.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Today we relaxed most of the day and now we're watching movies for the night.

Friday, October 29, 2010

After breakfast, Spence did his planning, checking update, we read the Hobbit, the Ranger, math, spelling and lunch. Spence finished up with reading and drums.

We cleaned the house and then headed out for Spencer's last swim class of the season. Spence did really well and passed Level 7. I also left a msg at the pool to let them know that this time our experience was really great.

We got home walked the dog and made pizza for supper. The rest of the night is movie night.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

YAY - mold

The white mold is on the top right corner of the picture (where the fry is) hard to spot.

The home fries are just yucky and juicy (not a good attribute for a fry)
The counter fries seem to be doing just fine - no mold, but lots of dust (and I am not planning on dusting them)
Very cool - the McDonald's fries got a huge clump of black mold on one of the fries. Took only 9 days - yesterday nothing - today big and ugly mold appears (of course the spores were there before, but not really visible).

We do not plan on unsealing these jars :)
I got Spence up early as I had to head out to do my mom's CPP/OAS amendment. While I did that, Spence finished breakfast, watched Medieval Times (Monks) and by the time that was over, I was home and we read the Hobbit, the Ranger. We then read about the NASA space program, King Alfred in England fighting off the Vikings and Spence did his silent reading. He did his spelling, math, writing and finished off with drums.

After we had lunch, I went to the bottle depot and then we did an hour walk in and around the springs. We chilled after that.

Day 9 - French Fry Experiment

Yipee - we have MOLD and disintegrating fries :)

So - I'll post pictures later tonight - but.....the fries in the sealed jars were the first to mold! The counter top, dehydrated and fridge fries are all still cooking as it were.

The jar fry results:
All of the fries in the jars started to deteriorate at the same time. Yesterday they were still doing ok - nothing major, but today was a big turning point.

The home fries are just disgusting and wet - they are stewing in their own juices and simply disintegrating. They are skipping the mold process altogether.

The processed fries have a white mold and are starting to disintegrate, but it was hard to tell it had mold as it was white and fuzzy.

The McDonald's fries - ok, so I don't know what the guy in the you tube video was doing or what kind of camera tricks they played - but - ours have the biggest, ugliest black mold on them - totally gross! But they are not disintegrating like the others, so that's something different about them.

Interesting experiment so far.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

After breakfast, Spence watched Medieval Times (Philosophers - otherwise known as Alchemists). Then he did silent reading, we read the Hobbit, the Ranger, did his math, spelling, printing, drums and finally German.

I took off to see about my dress and after I got back we chilled until James got home. The boys made supper tonight for themselves and I headed off to my girls night out at Julio's Bario in Kensington. The food was decent, the company was great.

Now time to watch some shows and then off to bed.
So, finally make it down to Blu's today just after lunch. The sales girl is there, the two tailors are there, the manager is there.....

the first comment......don't hike up the dress so much (it's strapless and was falling off of me), so I let it slip a bit but keep enough up to not show all my boobs. The dress - still not touching the ground (ie. it's a good 1/4" - 1/2" off the ground in bare feet).

The next comment .... it's fashionable to have the dress an inch or so off the ground (this is with heels on).

The next comment ... we can put on a sash at the bottom, it'll look great.

I'm like, no - this dress is wrecked. I want the money I paid for the dress and the cost of the alterations. I will take a store credit or you can pay me cash/cheque.

Finally, the sales girl says - it's my fault. I assumed she wanted it shorter. The manager says, she should have worn the shoes she was planning to wear - and I come back with - when it's a half inch too short in bare feet, I don't think it matters which shoes you wear. I don't think that endeared me to her heart.

So all in all - no dress. Very disappointing service by management at the store - the sales girl was very nice though. Very disappointing experience and I have to start over on the dress hunt.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I woke Spence up and after breakfast he did his reading, we did math, printing, spelling and we read the ranger.

We took a break and then got ready and headed to the tofu truck and climbing. Spence was doubled over in pain after a few climbs and we think it was eating a sandwich on the run and then doing some vigorous climbing. We headed home early and he went to bed, curled up and achy.

He's been chillin ever since, feeling better now. We canceled drum lessons and made soup for dinner instead of tacos.

No mold yet on our experiment...where is our mold?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 6 - French Fry Experiment

Not even the potato only fries have mold yet - maybe we're not humid enough or warm enough? Why is there no mold?
We woke up to snow - enough to stick on the ground anyways. After breakfast, we read the Hobbit, Ranger, did spelling, math, silent reading, writing, drums and got ready to go.

While Spence got ready, I made lunch for the two of us and after that we ran out the door to get to Battlefield Live for our meetup. We arrived and met up with Amy and the boys and soon there were others....a total of 15 kids played. They had a good time and are already looking forward to next month.

We got home, worked on supper (perogies tonight) and chilled.

Battlefield Live - Teen Day

Today was our meetup for the Calgary homeschool teens (12+ for our group). We had 15 kids show up for today. Lots of fun had by all, glad everyone could make it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010